Why is this blog different?

This blog is the equivalent of what you read in books, magazines, newspapers and e-zines. Every post is well researched. As far as the length of the posts is concerned, in most web-logs (from where the word blog came about), you would find that for the length of a single post here, the bloggers would write – on an average – at least ten posts. Whilst most bloggers emphasis is on gimmicks to make the stuff attractive through widgets and other means, here in this blog, the focus is to provide you with a great reading and viewing experience.

I have never been afraid to give my views even when these are not popular and/or do not tally with the views of the majority. You will find frank and candid views about things that would make you look up and take notice.

Lastly, in a single blog, you will find Humour, Opinions, Poetry, Songs and Cinema, Travelogues, Stories, Leadership related essays, and my experiences in the Navy. The blog thus has a slogan: All that you want in a blog.

If you like the stuff here, please do not hesitate to recommend it to your family and friends. Let me see if I can make this unique blog popular through word of mouth (direct recommendations of people) rather than through Moz Rankings, Alexa Rankings and Google Page Rankings etc.