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I have done a long stint in the Indian Navy that lasted for nearly thirty seven years; I rose as far as my somewhat rebellious and irreverant nature allowed me to. On retirement, in Feb 2010, the first thing that occured to me, and those around me, was that I Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (you will find an article with this title in this blog) and hadn’t lost all my noodles and hence thought of a blog titled ‘This ‘n That’. I later realised that every third blog is called ‘This ‘n That’ and changed the name to ‘Sunbyanyname‘.

I detest treading the beaten track. This blog offers me to air ‘another way’ of looking at things. The idea is not just to entertain but also to bring about a change. Should you feel differently, you are free to leave your comments. You can leave comments even when you agree and want to share your own experience about the topic of the blog post.

Impudent or otherwise, I have never been insousciant and I am always concerned about the betterment of community, nation and the world. I hope the visitors of this blog would be able to discern it.

Why did I choose the name of the blog as ‘Sunbyanyname’? I am not going to provide the answer but I can only give you a hint. Here are the synonyms of Suraj (Sun) in Hindi:

Okay, another hint: My first and last names are in the list!


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I am very fond of old Hindi and English songs and poems and I run a page called ‘Lyrical’ for putting these up. I have written a number of posts about these on the blog under Music and Cinema. You may like to subscribe to Lyrical by clicking on the link below:
What do I do now for a living? Well, I am a Sr. VP in India’s largest private company. However, the views expressed in this blog have nothing whatsoever to do with my job or the company. I work six days a week and hence, the discerning reader would notice that most of my posts are put up on sundays or late evenings.
What are my other interests? I have always been fond of stage plays and I acted in and directed a few plays. Nowadays, regrettably, I don’t get time for the same. I am also fond of travel and I have a section in the blog for travel.
I write stories, poems, limerics….well, just about anything and everything.
What’s my objective in having a blog of my own? Good question that. I’d rather be creative and popular rather than only popular without writing anything significant. On an everyday basis I come across blogs that have just a quote from someone important and they call it a blogpost. I’d rather give views, descriptions, narratives, critiques etc of my own. That’s my way of relating and reacting to the environment and people around me.
What about criticism of my writings? Well, you would notice that you can comment upon anything that I put up without any moderation from me. Your comment is published as soon as you press the button ‘Comment’. I have only three requests: please don’y simply be vituperative;  two, don’t use obscene language; and three, don’t be communal.
Copyright I know it is a done thing these days to cut and paste anything from anywhere. Please do not put up anything of mine without asking me or without acknowledging me. If I put up any picture or quote of yours, I shall certainly give you credit.