Songs That Tug At Your Emotions – Song #20

The twentieth day of songs in this series.

In the last nineteen days, we have taken up songs of ten male singers: Talat Mahmood, Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, Mahendra Kapoor, SD Burman, KL Saigal and Pankaj Mullick. We also took up songs of nine female singers: Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Suman Kalyanpur, Shamshad Begum, Geeta Dutt, Uma Devi (Tun Tun), Suraiya and Zohrabai Ambalewali and Sudha Malhotra.

Tonight, we shall take up a song of our eleventh male singer: Jagmohan ‘Sursagar’ and the song is another favourite: Mujhe na sapno se behlaao. I have chosen this non-filmy number over Jagmohan’s Meghdoot song: O varsha ke pehle baadal. By the way, both songs are by the same lyricist Faiyyaz Hashmi and same composer: Kamal Dasgupta.

(Pic courtesy: Asian Voice)

Jagmohan was born as Jaganmoy Mitra and as a composer and singer earned the title of ‘Sursagar’ (the ocean of notes (music)). The 1955 Gyan Mukherjee movie Sardar has one of his famous songs: Pyar ki talkhiyan jo na seh sakun karun main kya karun? It was sung by Lata Mangeshkar. As far as songs that he sang are concerned, the one from Meghdoot is his most famous one. However, there are the non-filmy songs by the team of Faiyyaz Hashmi, Kamal Dasgupta and Jagmohan. These include:

  • Dil de kar dard liyaa mai.n ne
  • Dil ko hai tumase pyaar kyo.n
  • Ek baar muskuraa do
  • Maaluum hai mujhako
  • Mat kar saaj si.ngaar sundari
  • Merii aa.Nkhe.n banii.n diwaanii
  • Mujhe Kaamosh rahane do
  • Niraas me.n aas prabhu meraa
  • Prem kii nayyaa ko milaa hai prem nadii kaa kinaaraa
  • Sapano.n me.n mujhako pyaar milaa
  • Su.ndar ho kitanii su.ndar ho
  • Tum mere saamane aayaa na karo
  • Us raag ko paayal me.n jo soyaa hai jagaa do
  • Ye chaa.Nd nahii.n terii aaratii hai

The Government of India honoured him with India’s fourth highest civilian award: Padma Shri. However, more than the award, Jagmohan has a cult-following and his fans swear by him and the title ‘Sursagar’.

(Photo courtesy: Saregama)

Komol or Kamal Dasgupta was born on 28 Jul 1912 in Kalia, Narail district of Bengal; now in Khulna, Bangladesh. He matriculated from Calcutta Academy, graduated in commerce from Comilla Victoria Government College. He did his doctorate in music from Benares Hindu University in 1943. The subject of his specialisation was Mira Bai. His early inspiration came from his father, Tara Prasanna Dasgupta. He took his first music lessons from his brother, Bimal Das Gupta. Later he studied under Dilip Kumar Roy, Kana Kesta, and Ustad Jamiruddin Khan. He emerged as a versatile musical genius. Raaga and Thumri were the main elements of his music. He was also a singer in Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and Tamil. He was a brilliant composer who composed nearly 8000 songs, mostly based on classical music. In 1956 he converted to Islam and took the name Kamal Uddin Ahmed. He married Feroza Begum, a renowned Nazrul Sangeet singer in the same year. Their second and third sons Hamin Ahmed and Shafin Ahmed are lead singers with Bangladeshi Band Miles.He died on 20 Jul 1974 in Dhaka.

Fayyaz or Faiyyaz Hashmi too was born in Calcutta in 1920.  His father, Muhammad Hussain Hashmi, was also a poet with pen name ‘Dilgeer’ as well as a writer of stage drama. Fayyaz Hashmi was employed as the resident lyricist by the British-owned Gramophone Company of India from 1943 to 1948. “Fayyaz Hashmi wrote his first verse, ‘Chaman mein ghuncha-o-gul ka tabassum dekhne walo – Kabhi tum ne haseen kalyon ka murjhana bhi dekha hai’, when he was in 7th class.” He wrote his very first full songs that Talat Mahmood sang in 1941 (Sab din ek samaan nahin tha) and the runaway hit Tasveer teri dil mera behla na sakay gi with music composed by Kamal Das Gupta. He is best known for his ghazal: Aaj jaane ki zid na karo. In 1951, he was transferred by his employer, Gramophone Company of India, to Lahore to organise the music scene in Pakistan. There he promoted many talented artists including Farida Khanum (who sang the ghazal Aaj jaane ki zid na karo), Saeen Marna, Saeen Akhtar and Saeen Budha. He died on 29 Nov 2011 in Karachi, Pakistan.

The bhaav of these brilliant lyrics by Fayyaz Hashmi is that the lover is not carried away by showing him a dreamworld by his beloved. He wants it to be tangible; something that he can touch and own.

Please enjoy Jagmohan ‘Sursagar’ sing a composition of Kamal Dasgupta on the lyrics of Faiyyaz Hashmi: Mujhe na sapano se behlaao….

मुझे न सपनों से बहलाओ

( दूरी का दुख दिल पे सहूँ मैं
रह के पास भी दूर रहूँ मैं ) -२
छूना चाहूँ छू न सकूँ मैं -२
कौन ये रीत बताओ
है कौन ये रीत बताओ
मुझे न सपनों से बहलाओ

( गंगा से तुम आवो नहा के
केश सुखाओ बाँह फैला कर ) -२
मेरे तमन्नाओं पर छा कर -२
काहे फिर छुप जाओ
तुम काहे फिर छुप जाओ
मुझे न सपनों से बहलाओ

( रोज़ मेरे सपने में आना
नित नित रूप नया दिखलाना ) -२
रोज़ छुड़ा कर आँचल जाना -२
ऐसा ज़ुल्म न ढाओ
तुम ऐसा ज़ुल्म न ढाओ
मुझे न सपनों से बहलाओ -२

The whole world is Maya, they say, a mere dream or mirage. However much we enjoy it, it will always be transient. And yet, there is always this tendency to own, to possess, call something or someone your own, touch and feel. It is only human. This song transports me into that world, the world of earthly love that is incomplete without the physical part. In short, you can’t be married to a dream.

One of my favourite old English songs is Trini Lopez’s ‘What have I got of my own?’ It has matching lyrics to those of Hashmi though Lopez’s came much later in 1976:

What have I got of my own, my own?
What have I got of my own?
The castles I build when I lie in the sand,
Belong to a king in a fairy tale land.
The treasures I find, when I dream in my sleep,
Are gone in the dawn, not a thing I can keep.
What have I got of my own, my o~own?
What have I got of my own?
The stars all belong high in heaven above.
My heart belongs to the one that I love.
The rivers that flow all belong to the sea.
What have I got that belongs to me?
What have I got of my own, my o~own?
What have I got of my own?
I hope someday before too long
My heart will sing a happy song.
I’m tired of being lonely, unhappy and sad.
I wanna have the things that other men have.
What have I got of my own, my o~own?
What have I got of my own?
If I could choose one thing forever to hold,
I know I would never choose diamonds or gold.
Just give me one true love to be mine alone,
Then I’ll have all the things of my own, my own.
What have I got of my own?
My own.
What have I got of my own?

I hope you enjoyed it too.

Please await tomorrow’s song.


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