Now that, our mother, you reside with God,
And physically are a world apart,
There are voids in our home and life,
And an unfillable hole in our heart.

Whispering Winds‘ was made with your blood & sweat,
You made it a heaven on earth;
Not just we, your children, family & friends,
Even gods and goddesses know your worth.

So, adieu, mom, in the physical sense only,
You will always be there in our thought;
We promise you that the world you made,
Shall never be reduced to nought.

May you guide us with your kind hand,
From your seat in the Heaven above,
May gods shower on you now and always,
Their special care, peace and love.

© 2017, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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  1. Every word you said is so true and heartfelt. Even with passage of time, void due to mothers absence will never be compensated. Mothers are special. Mataji was every bit special too. In every possible way. We were fortunate to receiver her blessings in June this year.

    She was always in control and knew it. A loving and caring host and a mother to all those visiting her home.

    I am sure she carried divine traits. She being not around will be like missing not just mother but your own God at home. She was also many more elements within your ecosystem.

    But knowing you, you will cope. And very well. You too carry the same divine DNA in you.

    Take care of yourself sir. May the God be with you always.

    Warm regards


    1. Thank you, Raj. I always felt stronger having her around in exactly the same way I feel strong when God is with me. Somehow, with her mere presence, she instilled confidence in me. Now onwards, I have to draw inspiration from her past guidance stored in me rather than direct advice. Yes, I will cope.

  2. Totally agree with Raj .And as you said , you will have to draw inspiration from her divine presence in your life ahead .

  3. As you have so beautifully articulated, mothers have a special place in our hearts Ravi. She will continue to influence you even though she is a world away.
    This is also a poignant remember to us if our transient presence here.
    May God give you the fortitude to face the loss and accept her physical absence
    Warm regards

    1. Thank you so much, Pradeep Sir. Because of the transience of our presence here, as you have rightly pointed out, we must love and express our love so that there are no regrets after a loved one has gone. Regards

  4. Paa ji I have heard and seen you being such a noble son to your mother ,she was a lucky lady ,so pious and God blessed her with an off spring like you .

    I never heard her complaining about anything in many years that I have known her. She was indeed a fierce , formidable and inspiring .
    She was most happy in W W and will be happy watching her place from above .

    1. Thank you, Anila. On the other hand, I shall always have this regret that perhaps I couldn’t and didn’t do enough to come out of her latest ailment.

      You are absolutely right about her watching from heaven the place that she so assiduously made: Whispering Winds, Kandaghat.