I felt it in my guts when you first came in my life,
That you are the one for me in peace and in strife,
It started with love, we can never forget that,
But, we both knew, for sure, you’d be my wife.

And when we wedded, it was the best hour,
Even gods, I know, sprinkled many a flower,
As we stood before the deity in the temple we chose,
We knew to do us apart there wasn’t a power.

Just the two of us in love, with virtually no support,
We started with a mere handwritten order of the court,
But, we went from strength to strength, my love,
And soon we held an impregnable fort.

Yes, we went through the smooth and the rough,
But, somehow, we always managed to have enough,
And when luck refused to see us through,
We caught the elusive luck by the cuff.

Soon, God sent His angels, for us, on earth,
Both Arjun and Arun filled us with unending mirth,
We didn’t have much but we had one another,
And we always kept the fires burning in our hearth.

Friends and relations were loving and kind,
Virtually everyday there was a new find,
Of how much love was in and around us,
To fill our hand, heart, soul and mind.

I don’t suppose we ever felt broken and alone,
Thank God for the Navy, we always had a home,
And don’t forget the delightful places we visited,
London, Paris, to name a few, Cape Town and Rome.

Thirty six years later, we are content and together,
In the cap of our love, we have many a feather,
I feel proud when they quote us as an example,
Of how Love is strong to withstand any weather.

All that you require in life is love, we can proclaim,
Love is more glorious than riches and fame,
It may be dim at times but it burns constantly, Lyn,
The warmest glow is that of Love’s Flame.

Happy Anniversary, my life, love, and soulmate,
Today is the day to rejoice and celebrate,
We did it, purely on the strength of our love,
And built a loving life, and have memories great.

© 2017, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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  1. So so beautifully expressed Sir! Reminds me of what E E Cummings said, “One’s not half of two; two halves make one”. Happy Anniversary and wishing you both many more decades of love & companionship.

  2. Great thoughts on the ocassion of your 36th wedding anniversary so well expressed. May the Almighty bless you both with eternal togetherness. Yes you have a way with words.

  3. Happy Anniversary Ravi and Lyn ma’am

    36th is for the number crunchers

    Love, Trust, Faith and Hope are the eternal four candles whose glow will always keep your hearts and hearth aglow!

    Wishing you many more to come


  4. So touching to see such a long lasting love in todays world. God bless you both with eternal happiness. Beautiful sentiments beautifully expressed

  5. Cmde Ravi & Lyn, you two are true example of “in love couple always” & inspiration to many who know you both. Happy Wedding Anniversary & may you be blessed with many many more years of togetherness. God bless.
    Beautifully penned, true feelings straight from the heart.