It has been a little more than three  years since I put up in this blog ‘Best Of ‘Make Your Own Quotes’ and fifteen months since I put up here ‘Best Of ‘Make Your Own Quotes’ – Part II’. In these three years or so since the first blog-post and 38 months since I started with the Facebook Page called ‘Make Your Own Quotes’, a lot has happened. One, from a membership of just 30 or so, the Page has a membership of more than 600 now. Two, I started two series: one, about Leadership Lessons and the second about ‘I Thank You, O’ God’. Both are favourite topics with me. I believe that we have to be thankful to God for whatever He/She/It has given us even when we feel that we haven’t got enough. I sincerely feel that gratefulness is the beginning of the journey into happiness,

Why did I start with the page? As I mentioned in the introduction of the first post, “I noticed that on the Facebook and elsewhere, there is a great penchant about putting up Quotes. These range from quotes about Love, Friendship, Politics, Life; indeed about each and every subject. Whilst reading these quotes I was stuck by the realisation that somehow we have this feeling that the sages, saints and wise-people of the past had abundance of sane-advice on all kinds of subjects; but, by a curious quirk of fate, we ourselves and fellow citizens have nothing great to offer in terms of such advice. When I started analysing this, I reached the conclusion that there is nothing simpler than giving sane advice; the answer is really blowing in the wind; it is everywhere. We only have to gather these pearls around us and weave them in a garland”. That’s how I started this Facebook page called ‘Make Your Own Quotes’ with an introduction: “There is nothing simpler than giving sane advice; you don’t have to follow great teachers. Make your own quotes and let others follow you.”

This venture started on the 25th of Feb 2013 and, as I said, I have finished three years of it and it is still going strong. I have received tremendous interest from friends in these Quotes and I am told that around the world these Quotes are being circulated in all kinds of garbs. I have nothing against these since I shall never be making this into a commercial activity.

I like all quotes on Facebook; these provide quick and easy solutions to life’s seemingly complex problems. I believe life is as simple as Facebook; what you get is dependent upon your “settings”.

I started off by giving tips to people on how to make their own quotes, eg,:

Great Quotes Tip #1: Compare Life, Love, Relationships etc to something mundane and infer “great” sounding advice out of it.Here is an (original example): “Friends should be like electricity wires; opposite poles, running parallel and lighting up lives by meeting”. For effect, inscribe this on a totally unrelated picture of, say, a Frog in a Pond. Wanna try your hand at it; go ahead….nothing is simpler! Try comparing Life to Beans!! Go ahead, now that you have joined this site, you will eventually follow your own quotes!!!

Here is therefore the third tranche of Best of ‘Make Your Own Quotes’, but, on a unique topic of finding reasons to thank God.

I may not be a traditional believer in God, the one who personifies God and identifies with Him or Her with innumerable idols and pictures. In the ‘Philosophy’ section of my blog there are a number of posts about how the current concepts of God and Religion are causing more harm and even evil than the evil these were conceived to eradicate. Of particular interest to readers would be a blog-post titled: ‘Whose God Is It Anyway?’ that I wrote five and a half years ago. I am into God as a supreme force that should guide us, bind us together, keep us from doing wrong and look after us as children. I am also a believer in the concept of ‘Ik Omkar’, a concept given to us by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, and which translated means: ‘God Is One’ and hence there isn’t a separate God for Hindus or Muslims or for that matter Christians or followers of any other religion (Please read: ‘Nanak Shah Fakir – The Movie And Its Message’).

Now that I have explained my concept of God, please go through the following quotes as addressed to that God and not to Ishwar, Allah, Jesus or Buddha.

Lets begin.

The first one is something that we take for granted: our five senses; particularly the sense of seeing. Here is what a friend Puneet Narula had to write about seeing: “We went to a restaurant in Singapore called “NOX- Dine in the dark”. You are served in pitch dark (No watches and mobile phones allowed) by visually impaired / blind waiters. Amazing experience. You can feel and eat- can’t see a thing. The food tastes better because your entire focus is on taste and not how beautiful it looks. You realize how lucky we are that we can see, hear, feel and smell. Check out”

Far and Near

I believe that God has really made this world beautiful. However, all the beauty that God made would have been lost on us if God hadn’t given us the good sense to appreciate this beauty. So here is a quote about it:

I thank you O God 2

Thank God, we have been given the ability to smile; to make light of our troubles, burdens and situation. If it hadn’t been for this ability, we would have led and lead such hopeless lives:

I thank you O God 3

We can never, even if we try our best individually and collectively, to thank God enough for giving us the emotion of Love. God gave us Dark, so that we know the importance of Light. Likewise, God gave us all the other emotions so that we would realise that Love indeed is the best:

I thank you O God 4

We are often frustrated, especially in arguments, that the other person has a different point of view. But, what if God had given us all the same way of looking at things. It would indeed be such a dull and drab world:

I thank you O God 5

There is no end to God’s Creation. Just at the time when you feel that you have got handle on some part of it, another world opens before your eyes and other senses. It is pointless trying to see the beginning and the end of the universe as if God’s creation is finite. It would be better to adore its infinity and rejoice that there is enough for us for all times to come:

I thank you O God 6

We feel it is intrinsic and innate. However, we refuse to believe that God gave it to us. There is great merit in believing that God gave it to us since, when the chips are down, and darkness engulfs us, we can ask for more. My own experience is that when I have asked for more, God has given it to me:

I thank you O God 7

The holy book of the Sikhs have repeated mention of this Music that is beyond ears. Even if we talk only about the aural experience (within the reach of our five known senses), it is still heavenly. Who else, but God would have thought of giving us this wonderful gift:

I thank you O God 8

There is considerable debate about what is Right and what is Wrong, about Good and Evil. Since all virtues on earth are relative (Please read ‘Absolute Virtue’), it is quite possible that someone’s Wrong is another man’s Right and vice-versa. However, Reverend Emerson once said, “God, don’t let me prove right with arguments that I know to be wrong.” This quote is about that ability and I sincerely feel that God gave to most of us, if not to all of us:

I thank you O God 9

God gave us Life – a four lettered word. He gave us Love – another four lettered word – and most of us love the life that God gave us. For others, God ensured that another four-lettered word was given to them so that even if they won’t love their current life, they would know that the future would be better. God gave us Hope:

I thank you O God 10

We often bemoan the fact that nothing is permanent in this universe. One form is always evolving into another. In some cases it is so slow that we ain’t conscious of it. However, it surely is changing. Whilst we think of it, many a times, as a bad thing, the fact is that it would have been hopeless if we were to encounter a permanent situation and world:

I thank you O God 11

We require worldly knowledge. However, worldly knowledge also confines us and puts limits on our imagination and innovation (I have several posts on this such as ‘How Unbiased Or Innocent Can We Become?’ and ‘Being Non-Sensical May Be Far Sighted’). A child, in this aspect, is better than us. I am fond of giving this example that when a bus tumbles down a hill in an unfortunate accident, often the children and infants are saved. There is, therefore, merit in looking at things afresh as a child; somewhat different from the pejorative expression: ‘Putting one’s foot in one’s mouth’. Have a look:

I thank you God 12

The next one is related to it. We sometime feel that we haven’t been given the requisite skills to live and survive. However, the fact is that God has provided for us to live and survive. Here is from Sri Guru Granth Sahib:

Sail patthar mein jant upaaye,
Taa ka rizk aage kar dharaya,
….Un kavan khilaave, kavan chugaave,
Man mein simran karaya”
(The one who gave birth to creatures in moist rocks,
It provided for their nourishment there too,
…..who makes them feed, who provides for them,
Think about it in your mind)

Here is my quote about it:

I thank you God 13

The next one is the simplest of the quotes and should have come much earlier:

I thank you God 14

God made no secret of it. God didn’t send us on a wild-goose chase. However, it has made sure that its own abilities (being the Creator) would be far beyond the sum total of all our individual and collective abilities. Here is the quote that was born out of this:

I thank you O God 15

Yes, there is God, if not as a person or a being, but as a Force or Creator. But, of what use these knowledge had been if God had not blessed us with the ability to reach out to it. And since God made everything, it is conceivable that God only gave this ability to us. Hence lets thank God for having given us this ability:

sunset with young man,special toned and color photo f/x, focus point on the man

The concept of God as that Force to whom we can pray to solve our problems provides us with tremendous relief. Just imagine that if we hadn’t invented God we would have felt alone and helpless. Here is the quote for that:

I thank you God 17

God’s Creation is totally discover-able by us; like they say: Seek and thou shalt find. Here is the quote for thanking God for that:

I thank you God 18

I have discovered – and I am sure each one of you who is reading this would have – that there is newness in God’s Creation everyday, every hour, every moment. It has been medically established that millions of cells in our body are dying everyday and being rejuvenated. Have a look at this, put up by me on the New Year Day of the year 2016:

I thank you God 19

We have thoughts and emotions and ideas and we want to convey to others and listen to theirs. Over centuries, various languages evolved to convey these to others and those who understood these languages had not much difficulty in understanding thoughts, feelings and ideas of others. However, there is a language of humanity that God gave each one of us and it is beyond the languages that we ourselves made. This is a language that is beyond verbal and text means. It is the language beyond all senses too. It is a language between hearts. Here it is:

I thank you God 20

I have maintained that there are more reasons to thank God for than we can think of. We feel that the most precious gift that God has given us is Life. However, each one of us in our lifetime discover that there are many things that God made, for which it is worth giving up life. Taste this:

I thank you God 21

This is something that most of us discover during our lifetime but many of us never think of thanking God for. The fact is that despite our putting a price on many things – the more precious we feel they are, the more is the price – there are quite a few of the most precious things of life that are absolutely free. Have a look at this:

I thank you God 22

We fall in the habit of cursing our memory and the oft heard crib is: “I don’t seem to remember many a thing”. We reason it out that all that God had to do was to give us elephantine memory so that we would never forget anything. However, think again after seeing the following quote:

I thank you God 23

Every once in a while the chips are down for us and we feel that the whole world and even God is lined up against us. I am convinced that God never gives a problem to us without giving us the skills and abilities to solve it. And, it adds to our happiness when we have solved it.

I thank you God 24

And the last one in this part of the series is about Faith, Hope and Love, the building bricks of the house of our happiness. God is, I am convinced, not like human beings (whatever its shape, size and form be). It isn’t seeking happiness by making us think of it all the while. It is purely in our interest. Hence, if you want to have Faith, Hope and Love without ascribing these to God, there is nothing ungodly about it. That knowledge has also come to you from God that I believe in. I would rather thank it for these since I obtain enormous satisfaction and happiness by thanking it for it:

I thank you God 27

I am sure by now I have convinced you to subscribe to ‘Make Your Own Quotes’. What do you have to pay for the subscription? Nothing; not a cent, pence or paisa. It is totally free. All that you have to do is to like the Page and these Quotes would be delivered to your timeline automatically. You can, on the page, make your own Quotes and share these too with others. Dozens of subscribers have done it already.

© 2016, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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  1. The power to think and convert our thoughts into quotes has been given by God to all humans. Some use it and spread the message, some use it but keep the message to themselves and some are yet to use this power granted by God. Sunbyanyname you are one of the first category. We are grateful that we came a cross you and get so many opportunities to imbibe from you.