I run a Facebook page called Lyrical wherein I often give theme based songs. The current theme, since 12th Aug 15, is The Best Raaga Based Songs In Hindi Movies.

On Lyrical, I am on the tenth Raaga: Raaga Jhinjhoti, that is. I am conscious that I have so far converted only two Raaga based song-posts on Lyrical into blogs; that is, Raaga Bhairavi (in three parts) and Raaga Yaman (in three parts) and that I still have to convert into blogs song-posts on Raaga Darbari Kanada, Bhimpalasi, Khammaj, Peelu, Pahadi, Kirwani, and Malkauns. However, I am straightway jumping to Raaga Jhinjhoti because I just finished with that and it is fresh in my mind.

This raga is considered as “Ashraya Raga” of Khamaj Thaat or Parental Scale. Since all the seven notes are used in the raga, its Jati is Sampoorna or heptatonic.
The seventh note Ni in this raga is Komal or Flat and the rest of the notes are Shuddha. The most important and prominent note in this raga is the “Ga” which is called the Vadi swar and the Samvadi swar or the supporting note is “Dha”.
The raga structure is more prominent in the lower octave and hence the improvisation of this raga is mostly done in the Mandra and Madhya Sthaans.
This raga is generally performed between10.00 p.m. and mid-night .

Being originally a late night Raaga, the songs based on this Raaga are very intense and soulful and full of self-pity, eg, Jehan Ara number: Teri aankh ke aansu pi jaayun aisi meri taqdeer kahan; or Pagla Kahin Ka number: Tum mujhe youn bhula na paayoge. As we go along, you will understand.

I seek your forgiveness that I am not able to give you the song depicted in the cover picture: Mere mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam. This song is the reason why the raag is so dear to me. However, I have never considered myself big enough to be actually able to put up this song put together by Shakeel Badayuni, Naushad Ali and Mohammad Rafi. I consider it the best the Hindi films ever produced (its equivalent by Sahir and Roshan and Rafi, I have put up though there too I should have my emotional reasons not to).

Raag JhinjhotiSong #1 Jaa jaa re jaa, baalamwa…

Having said that, let me give you my second choice of the best of Lata (the first is naturally Rasik balma). It is from the 1956 movie Basant Bahar. The movie starred Bharat Bhushan, Nimmi and Kum Kum in the lead roles. Have a look at the 9 songs of this super songs movie:

1. Badi Der Bhai Mohd. Rafi
2 Bhay Bhajana Vandana Sun Manna Dey
3 Duniya Na Bhaye Mohd. Rafi
4 Ja Ja Re Ja Balama Lata Mangeshkar
5 Kar Gaya Re Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle
6 Ketaki Gulab Juhi Manna Dey, Bhimsen Joshi
7 Main Piya Teri Lata Mangeshkar
8 Nain Mile Chain Kahan Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey
9 Sur Na Saje Manna Dey

If anyone were to listen to these nine, it would be a veritable treat. We chose the one in Raag Jhinjhoti.

Shailendra penned the lyrics of the first song that I have chosen for you. Shankar Jaikishen composed the music and I have already told you that it has been sung by Lata ji.Please enjoy in Raag Jhijhoti: Jaa jaa re jaa baalmwaa…..

jaa jaa re jaa, baalamavaa
sautan ke raat bitaa_ii
kaahe karat ab jhuuTii batiyaa.N
jaa jaa re jaa, baalamavaa

Gair ke ghar karii raat jagaa_ii
mose kahe tere binaa nii.nd na aayii
kaiso harajaa_ii daiyyaa
jaa jaa re, jaa baalamavaa …

kaa.Ndhe lagaa laayii bindiyaa kisiikii
jaanuu.N mai.n churaayii tuune nindiyaa kisiikii
laaj na aayii tohe
jaa re jaa, jaa re jaa, jaa re jaa, baalamavaa …

Song #2 Tum mujhe youn bhula naa payoge…

How many super hit movies have been directed by the Bengali director Shakti Samanta? By a rough estimate, he made a duper hit once every two years; films such as Howrah Bridge, China Town, Kashmir Ki Kali, An Evening in Paris, Kati Patang and Amar Prem.

He received Filmfare Awards for Best Film for Aradhana (1969), Anuraag (1973) and Amanush, which was also made in Bengali, a language in which he made six films, including an Indo-Bangladesh joint production in 1984.

Pagla Kahin Ka is a favourite of mine starring Shammi Kapoor, Asha Parekh, Helen and Prem Chopra. Indeed, Shammi Kapoor himself acknowledged that that was the most intense role that he ever did.

Shammi Kapoor is a mentally “insane” person (that’s why the title of the movie). But, as we go along, we realise that he is perhaps more sane than all the so called “sane” society around him.

Songs set in Raag Jhinjhoti tend to become immortal and this song fits the bill so eminently.

This has been put together by house-musicians of Kapoors: Shankar Jaikishen, the lyricist Hasrat Jaipuri and the god of songs: Mohammad Rafi.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Tum mujhe youn bhula naa paayoge….

tum mujhe yU.N bhulaa naa paaoge
haa.N tum mujhe yU.N bhulaa naa paaoge
jab kabhii bhii sunoge giit mere tum bhii gunagunAoge
haa.N tum mujhe yU.N bhulaa naa paaoge
ho tum mujhe yU.N …

(vo bahaare.n vo chaa.ndanii raate.n
hamane kii thii jo pyAr kii baate.n ) – 2
un nazaaro.n kii yaad aaegii
jab khayaalo.n me.n mujhako laaoge
haa.N tum mujhe yU.N bhulaa naa paaoge
ho tum mujhe yU.N …

(mere haatho.n me.n teraa cheharaa thaa
jaise koI gulaab hotaa hai ) – 2
aur sahaaraa liyaa thaa baaho.n kaa
vo shaam kis tarah bhulaaoge
haa.N tum mujhe yU.N bhulaa naa paaoge
ho tum mujhe yU.N …

(mujhako dekhe binaa qaraar naa thaa
ek aisaa bhii daur guzaraa hai ) – 2
jhUTh maanU.N to pUchhalo dil se
mai.n kahU.ngaa to rUTh jaaoge
haa.N tum mujhe yU.n bhulaa naa paaoge

jab kabhii bhii …

Song #3 Ghungru ki tarah bajata hi raha hoon main….

Intensity of feelings, soulfulness and self-pity are present in large measure in this song from 1974 movie Chor Machaye Shor picturised on Shashi Kapoor.

It is Ravindra Jain both as lyricist and music director. It was sad to let him go recently. The voice is that of Kishore Kumar and this must be amongst his best.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Ghungru ki tarah bajata hi raha hoon main…

ghu.Ngharuu kii tarah bajataa hii rahaa huu.N mai.n
kabhii is pag me.n kabhii us pag me.n ba.Ndhataa hii rahaa huu.N mai.n
ghu.Ngharuu kii tarah …

kabhii TuuT gayaa kabhii to.Daa gayaa
sau baar mujhe phir jo.Daa gayaa
yuu.N hii TuuT-TuuT ke, phir juT-juT ke
bajataa hii rahaa huu.N mai.n
ghu.Ngharuu kii tarah …

mai.n karataa rahaa auro.n kii kahii
mere man kii ye baat man hii me.n rahii
hai ye kaisaa gilaa jisane jo kahaa
karataa hii rahaa huu.N mai.n
ghu.Ngharuu kii tarah …

apano.n me.n rahe yaa Gairo.n me.n
ghu.Ngharuu kii jagah to hai pairo.n me.n
kabhii mandir me.n kabhii mahafil me.n
sajataa hii rahaa huu.N mai.n
ghu.Ngharuu kii tarah …

Song #4 Koi hamdam naa raha, koi sahaara naa raha….

Lets now take up a song from the 1961 movie Jhumroo starring Kishore Kumar as Jhumroo and Madhubala as Anajana.

Anjana lives a wealthy lifestyle with her dad, Dwarka Nath (Jayant), in a hilly region in India. When she returns home after several years, she finds that her dad has become more strict and a disciplinarian, and even has his erring employees and villagers flogged. Then she meets with local villager, Jhumroo, and both fall in love with each other. Jhumroo takes her home to introduce her to his mom, Kamla (Lalita Pawar), who approves of her instantly. When Dwarka comes to know about this, he is enraged, and quickly announces her marriage with his Manager, Ramesh (Anoop Kumar). Jhumroo is heart-broken and goes to meet with Anjana, who does tell him that she loves him, but must obey her father. What Jhumroo and Anjana do not know is that she is not Dwarka’s daughter, but is the daughter of Kamla, and abducted at a very young age. The question remains what impact will this have on their lives when they find that they are brother and sister, and who actually did abduct Anjana?

The fact is that these stories get repeated in Hindi movies, once these are successful. The latter day movie with similar predicament of lovers Amitabh Bachchan and Saira Bano was 1975 movie Zameer. At Intermission both are faced with the harsh fact that they are brother and sister!

Jhumroo had another very beautiful song: Thandi hawa ye chandini suhaani and this one in Raag Jhinjhoti. It has Kishore Kumar’s voice on his own music. Lyrics are by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

On my cellphone I have a recording by Pancham that Kishore Kumar always wanted to sing this song since Pancham used to sing it. The latter told him that it has to be sung in 14 maatra. However, Kishore sung in his own way and it is one of his most memorable songs.

Don’t forget the self-pity that I told you about yesterday.

Please enjoy: Koi hamdam naa raha, koi sahaara naa raha….

ko_ii hamadam naa rahaa ko_ii sahaaraa na rahaa
ham kisii ke na rahe ko_ii hamaaraa na rahaa
ko_ii hamadam naa rahaa …

shaam tanhaa_ii kii hai aa_egii ma.nzil kaise -2
jo mujhe raah dikhaa_e vahii taaraa na rahaa
ko_ii hamadam naa rahaa …

ai nazaaro.n naa ha.Nso mil naa sakuu.Ngaa tumase -2
tum mere ho naa sake mai.n tumhaaraa naa rahaa
ko_ii hamadam naa rahaa …

kyaa bataa_uu.N mai.n kahaa.N yuu.N hii chalaa jaataa huu.N -2
jo mujhe phir se bulaa_e vo ishaaraa naa rahaa
ko_ii hamadam naa rahaa …

Song #5 Teri aankh ke aansu pi jaayun…

The theme of self-pity, the innate theme of Jhinjhoti continues even in this song from the 1964 movie Jahan Ara on the historical but tragic love story between Shahjahan’s daughter Jahan Ara (Mala Sinha) and Mirza Yusuf Changezi (Bharat Bhushan).

Misfortune visits the emperor Shahjahan, when his wife, Mumtaz Mahal (Achala Sachdev), passes away. The emperor gets deeply devastated, and, still mourning his wife’s death, he pledges to build a memorial in her name (which would subsequently be called Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders on Earth). At her deathbed, Mumtaz makes Jahan promise that she will take care of her father, which she promises to do. This responsibility makes her sacrifice her love for Mirza, who is heartbroken and continues to believe that Jahan will sooner or later reunite with him.

So, Jahan Ara is kept captive in her own palace unable to meet Mirza and this song came about. It has lyrics by Rajinder Krishan and music by Madan Mohan. Talat has sung this for Bharat Bhushan acting as the Mirza.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Teri aankh ke aansu pi jaayun aisi meri taqdeer kahan….

teraa GamaKvaar huu.N lekin mai.n tujh tak aa nahii.n sakataa
mai.n apane naam terii bekasii likhavaa nahii.n sakataa

terii aa.Nkh ke aa.Nsuu pii jaauu.n aisii merii taqadiir kahaa.N
tere Gam me.n tujhako bahalaauu.n aisii merii taqadiir kahaa.N

ai kaash jo mil kar rote, kuchh dard to halake hote
bekaar na jaate aa.Nsuu, kuchh daaG jigar ke dhote
phir ra.nj na hotaa itanaa, hai tanahaaI me.n jitanaa
ab jaane ye rastaa Gam kaa, hai aur bhii lambaa kitanaa
haalaat kii ulajhan sulajhaauu.N aisii merii taqadiir kahaa.N
terii aa.Nkh ke aa.Nsuu pii jaauu.N

kyaa terii zulf kaa leharaa, hai ab tak vohii sunaharaa
kyaa ab tak tere dar pe, detii he.n havaae.n paharaa
lekin hai ye khaam-o-khayaalii, terii zulf banii hai savaalii
mohataaj hai ek kalii kii, ik roz thii phuulo.n vaalii
vo zulfe.n pareshaa.n mahakaauu.n aisii merii taqadiir kahaa.N
terii aa.Nkh ke aa.Nsuu pii jaauu.N

Song #6 Rehate the kabhi jinake dil mein….

And finally, tonight, the ultimate in self-pity, the theme of Hindi songs based on Raag Jhinjhoti. This is from the 1966 movie Mamta starring Ashok Kumar, Suchitra Sen and Dharmendra. I saw this movie on my computer just last night.

If you recall, I had given you a super song from this movie in Raag Yaman earlier that is one of the best of Hemant Kumar and Lata Mngeshkar: Chhupa lo youn dil mein pyaar mera.

Here is now the song in this Raag. Lyrics are by Majrooh Sultanpuri, composition is by Roshan and voice is that of Lata Mangeshkar.

Devyani (Suchitra Sen) is in love with Ashok Kumar (Monish Rai). He leaves for London to complete his studies to become a barrister. In his absence, however, extreme poverty drives her to marry Bipin Gupta (Kantilal) who marries her only to exploit her sexually and for monetary gains. She has a child from him (a girl). The moment Kantilal signs the release papers for her mother’s house, Devyani takes her child and runs away from Kantilal. Destiny brings her to a kind-hearted Chhaya Devi (Mina Bai) who converts Devyani into a tawaif Panna Bai. When Monish Bai returns from London he is still in love with her but doesn’t understand why she had to become a tawaif. Through a stranger, he invites her to his place so that her true identity as tawaif is revealed. That’s the time when she sings the song.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Rehate the kabhi jinake dil mein…..

rahate the kabhii jinake dil me.n
ham jaan se bhii pyaaro.n kii tarah
baiThe hai.n unhii ke kuuche me.n
ham aaj gunahagaaro.n kii tarah – 2

daavaa thaa jinhe.n hamadardii kaa
khud aake na puuchhaa haal kabhii – 2
mahafil me.n bulaayaa hai ham pe – 2
ha.Nsane ko sitamagaaro.n kii tarah – 2
rahate the…

baraso.n se sulagate tan man par
ashko.n ke to chhii.nTe de naa sake – 2
tapate hue dil ke zakhmo.n par – 2
barase bhii to a.ngaaro.n kii tarah – 2
rahate the…

sau rup dhare jiine ke liye
baiThe hai.n hazaaro.n zahar piye – 2
Thokar naa lagaanaa ham khud hai.n – 2
giratii huii diivaaro.n kii tarah – 2
rahate the…

Song #7 Chhup gaya koi re duur se pukaar ke….

I hope you are enjoying my selection of songs composed in Raag Jhinjhoti in which my all time favourite song and what I feel is the best in Hindi films is composed: Mere mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam.

The last song Rehate the kabhi jinake dil mein picturised on Suchitra Sen has got me to another excellent song picturised on her. This time the composition is of my favourite Hemant Kumar for the 1957 movie Champakali that Suchitra did with Bharat Bhushan. Rajinder Krishan penned the lyrics and the voice is that of Lata Mangeshkar.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Chhup gaya koi re duur se pukaar ke….

chhup gayaa koii re, duur se pukaar ke
dard anokhe haay, de gayaa pyaar ke
chhup gayaa …

aaj hai.n suunii suunii, dil kii ye galiyaa.N
ban gaI.n kaa.NTe merii, khushiyo.n kii kaliyaa.N
pyaar bhii khoyaa maine, sab kuchh haar ke
dard anokhe haay, de gayaa pyaar ke
chhup gayaa …

a.Nkhiyo.n se nii.nd gaI, manavaa se chain re
chhup chhup roe mere, khoe khoe nain re
haay yahii to mere, din the si.ngaar ke
dard anokhe haay, de gayaa pyaar ke
chhup gayaa …

Song #8 Teri aankhon ke siwa duniya mein rakha kyaa hai…

This Madan Mohan‘s composition is amongst the best that has been made on eyes. It has two versions: Mohammad Rafi‘s and Lata Mangeshkar‘s. Majrooh Sultanpuri penned the lyrics and the name of the movie is the 1969 film Chirag starring Sunil Dutt and Asha Parekh.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Teri aankhon ke siwa duniya mein rakha kyaa hai…

terii aa.Nkho.n ke sivaa duniyaa me.n rakkhaa kyaa hai
ye uThe.n subah chale, ye jhuke.n shaam Dhale
meraa jiinaa meraa maranaa inhii.n palako.n ke tale
terii aa.Nkho.n ke sivaa …

palako.n kii galiyo.n me.n chehare bahaaro.n ke ha.Nsate hue
hai.n mere Kaabo.n ke kyaa-kyaa nagar iname.n basate hue
ye uThe.n subah chale …

iname.n mere aanevaale zamaane kii tasviir hai
chaahat ke kaajal se likhii huii merii taqadiir hai
ye uThe.n subah chale …

Thokar jahaa.N maine khaaI inho.nne pukaaraa mujhe
ye hamasafar hai.n to kaafii hai inakaa sahaaraa mujhe
ye uThe.n subah chale …

ye ho.n kahii.n inakaa saayaa mere dil se jaataa nahii.n
inake sivaa ab to kuchh bhii nazar mujhako aataa nahii.n
ye uThe.n subah chale …

Song #9 Ek raat mein do do chand khile…

Yesterday, 16th November was the birth anniversary of the composer Chitragupta Srivastava who gave us such melodies as Chhedo na meri zulfen sab log kyaa kahenge, Haay re tere chanchal nainva, Jay jay he Jagdambe mata, Laagi chhuute na, Muft huye badnaam, Teri duniyaa se duur chale hoke majbuur, and Muskarao ke ji nahin lagata.

Here is a very melodious duet by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh on the lyrics of Rajinder Krishan for the 1959 movie Barkha starring Nanda and Anant Kumar.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Ek raat mein do do chand khile….

ek raat me.n do-do chaa.Nd khile
ek ghuu.NghaT me.n, ek badalii me.n
apanii apanii ma.nzil se mile
ek ghuu.NghaT me.n, ek badalii me.n
ek raat me.n do-do chaa.Nd khile …

badalii kaa vo chaa.Nd to sabakaa hai
ghuu.NghaT kaa vo chaa.Nd to apanaa hai
mujhe chaa.Nd samajhane vaale vataa
ye sach hai yaa sapanaa hai
ek raat me.n do-do chaa.Nd khile …

maaluum nahii.n do an_jaane
raahii kaise mil jaate hai.n
phuulo.n ko agar khilanaa ho
viiraane me.n bhii khil jaate hai.n
ek raat me.n do-do chaa.Nd khile …

Song #10 Dil ke tukade huye aur jigar lut gaya….

Mehboob Khan’s 1962 movie Son of India starred minor actors Kanwaljit, Simi Grewal and Kumkum. But, he retained the team that made super hit and memorable songs for his Mother India five years ago: Shakeel Badayuni as a lyricist, Naushad Ali as Music Director and Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar as singers. Of course he had Shanti Mathur singing the iconic children’s song: Nanha munha raahi hoon. Just have a look at the list of songs:

1. “Aaj Chhedo Mohabbat Ki” Lata Mangeshkar 3:57
2. “Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar” Shanti Mathur 3:58
3. “Chal Diye Peeke Gham” Lata Mangeshkar 3:05
4. “Dil Todne Wale” Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi 4:28
5. “Diya Na Bujhe Ri Aaj” Lata Mangeshkar, Chorus 3:14
6. “Insan Tha Pehle Bandar” Shanti Mathur 2:47
7. “Mujhe Huzoor Tum Se” Geeta Dutt 2:18
8. “Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon” Shanti Mathur, Chorus 4:13
9. “Zindagi Aaj Mere Naam” Mohammed Rafi 3:48

We have already concluded, with adequate evidence, that self-pity is the most important emotion of Hindi songs composed in Raag Jhinjhoti. Listen to the first song in the list picturised on Kumkum and reconfirm that finding.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Aaj chhedo mohabbat ki….dil ke tukade huye…

aaj chhe.Do mohabbat kii shahanaa_iyaa.N
dil ke Tuka.De hu_e aur jigar luT gayaa
Gam kisii ko milaa aur kisii ko Kushii
ek ghar bas gayaa ek ghar luT gayaa
dil ke Tuka.De hu_e …

ek taraf apane Duube sitaaro.n kaa Gam
ek taraf apanii luTatii bahaaro.n kaa Gam
dil ke luTane kii kisase shiqaayat karuu.N
kuchh idhar luT gayaa kuchh udhar luT gayaa
dil ke Tuka.De hu_e …

kisako apanaa kahuu.N ab mai.n jaa_uu.N kahaa.N
ko_ii dekhe muhabbat kii majabuuriyaa.N
dil lagaayaa to dil kii Kushii miT ga_ii
sar jhukaayaa jo maine to sar luT gayaa
dil ke Tuka.De hu_e …

bujh gayaa dil ab roshanii kyaa karuu.N
le ke uja.Dii hu_ii zindagii kyaa karuu.N
dil kii qismat me.n likhii thii.n naakaamiyaa.N
laakh maine bachaayaa magar luT gayaa
dil ke Tuka.De hu_e …

Song #11 Chali pi ko milan…

I give you the next song from the 1948 movie Ziddi, a movie that launched the career of three stars: Dev Anand, Kamini Kaushal and Pran.

Ziddi (English: Stubborn) is a 1948 Hindi film directed by Shaheed Latif. It was based on a story by Ismat Chughtai. The playback singers – Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar recorded their first duet – “Ye Kaun Aya Re” together in this 1948 film Ziddi.

The song that I have chosen for you has lyrics by Prem Dhawan and music by Khemchand Prakash. Shamshad Begum sang it.

Please enjoy in Raag Jhinjhoti: Chali pi ko milan, ban than ke dulhan….

chalii pii ko milan ban Than ke dulhan
jhan jhananan paayal gaavat hai
ab kaahe ko der karo rii sakhii
moraa maike me.n jiyaa ghabaraavat hai

mai.n to baabul se mukh mo.D chalii
viiran naataa to.D chalii
us chhor kabhii jaa ke rii sakhii
koii lauT ke phir nahii.n aavat hai

kab diip jale bin baatii ke
kab raah kaTe bin saathii ke
ji saagar se bichha.De nadiyaa
us saagar me.n mil jaavat hai

That brings us to the half-way mark in my list of best Hindi songs based on Raag Jhinjhoti. Please await Part II of this blog for the remaining eleven songs.

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