Dear Netas, Babus, Mediamen, Industrialists, Film Personalities and my Countrymen,

I am a fauji. I was never rich in money terms but I was made to feel rich by the job that was given to me to defend the country and the izzat that you gave me. In the average perception of the countrymen I was made to feel that I was wanted, admired and held in high esteem for my values. A number of movies were made on my valour, commitment and dedication. In these, in folklore and in the news I was always shown as the winner and the righteous. It was enough to keep my morale high and to sacrifice my life, liberty and comfort for the country. In short, it was an honourable profession.

But, it changed totally as soon as I became aware of how consistently you have denied me my dignity, izzat and One Rank One Pension (OROP). Despite your attitude ranging from non-caring to deception, I still clung on to the hope that perhaps I mattered despite all your betrayals since the year 1973 when, shortly after the 1971 war with Pakistan when I gave you the most spectacular victory (sorting out once and for all times, the problem of East Pakistan), you suddenly denied me the OROP and reduced my pension. Gradually, over years, you lowered my status and simultaneously augmented yours and finally, I was made to feel like a used condom.

Yes, some of you, made movies on the theme of my heroism and some of you paid lip-service to publicly singing songs of praise for me. But, looking back, now that I am at the end of my patience of waiting for you to restore my OROP, dignity and izzat, I am beginning to feel that it was all, perhaps for your own vested interests. I don’t trust you anymore and I am increasingly getting more convinced that you don’t deserve me and my sacrifices.

OROP Rally10

Please consider that God made all of us equal and he has given me too – just as he has given you – only one life. I used to think that your life is precious for me to safeguard with my life, even though I am not a mercenary (Please read, if you can find time from looking after your self-interest: Armed Forces And The Indian Society). Now that I have found that whilst I was ready to sacrifice my life for you, none of you has spared a thought for me or even time, I am beginning to wonder whether the profession of arms is honourable anymore or not. When I used to stand alone and unprotected at the highest battleground in the world: Siachin glacier, or at sea with kilometers of salty water under me, or in the air battling elements, I used to entertain a hope, since then proved false, that me and my family would be looked after by you. But, now I have discovered to my shock that you’d rather look after a cricketer, film-star or the like from whom you can obtain adequate publicity and return on your investment rather than me, I regret having ever entertained the hope that you care for me. I have also found that you have even started questioning whether in this peaceful atmosphere, I am required anymore.

Sadly, I have discovered, that you are chips of the same block. Didn’t the Radiia tapes bring out the unholy nexus that exists between politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists and media persons? It is all on record and yet despite that a media person squarely having sold herself to your interests was given Padma Shri.

On the television debates, some of you, driven by jingoism rather than by any genuine feelings, make a show of touching my feet. But otherwise, I openly ask you now, how is it that after nearly five months of my agitating on the streets, none of it has made any dent with you? You, who would be up in arms against the perpetrators of bias and crime against minorities, women and the so-called underprivileged; you who would write reams of paper on anything and everything of what you call public interests; you who would readily reward a batsman one crore rupees for hitting six sixes in an over of six balls; you who get concerned on the third day of truckers strike against enhancement of toll (Please read: Long Time No War); how is that you displayed total disinterest when one of me ilk, an 82 years grenadier, was roughed up by the police on the eve of independence? How is it that you confidently feel that none of this affects you?

I don’t trust you anymore. You are good at making promises. You are good at making insignificant things into issues of national interest and conversely, you ignore the issues that are indeed significant. I don’t trust you anymore.

I hope, in this atmosphere of hopelessness for me, you have an alternate plan ready just in case you discover and re-discover that there is indeed threat to national security and to your assets and that no one is willing to take up that challenge anymore. I hope that you have a Plan B ready when you discover that the youth of the country refuse to join the armed forces knowing that these are the people who are remembered in crises but quickly forgotten, ignored and put to shame when the crises no longer exist, at least in your perception. I hope you have enough money to buy security when your erstwhile trusted source has dried out in disdainful despondency.

Even you know that it isn’t a fight for money. It is indeed one for regaining lost status and izzat. I don’t trust you anymore even with the outcome. Even if you announce it on Diwali, as you now claim in your thousandth promise, I really don’t trust you. I would be skeptical that you would lose no opportunity to show me down even after giving me my right. You would come up with senseless statements, for example, that you had to snatch it from the poor to give to me. I thought you shouted from house-tops that you had almost eradicated poverty after nearly six and half decades of independence; so then, who are these poor from whom you are snatching to give to me? Are you obliquely accepting the fact that there are indeed poor in the country despite your promises, election after election, that you would eradicate poverty? Are you also accepting that your promises are indeed mere promises? Are you now saying that you would have, but, those who gave their life for the country are standing in the way of your fulfilling your promise?

How about asking the industrialists, film personalities, cricketers like you to donate towards eradicating poverty? Is taking from one poor to give to the other, the only pragmatic solution that you can think of?

You also threaten me with the challenge of para-military forces and the like also waiting in the sidelines to clamour for OROP. Didn’t various commissions and committees including Koshiyari Committee of 2011 rule it out because of difference in retirement ages and unique service conditions? Are you yourself being party to this clamour now so as to silence the veterans?

I don’t trust you anymore You are now catching at straws to somehow deny me my due. You have almost lost me now; you are not big enough and rich enough to buy me back. You would rue the following moment for as long as you live:


I don’t trust you anymore; I never will. And you yourself are responsible for that.

Yours (you would hope) faithfully (I am not too sure)

© 2015 – 2016, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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  1. when the most corrupt bureaucracy in asia starts controlling the best army of the world, 550 soldiers lose their lives in battles for just three hills in kargil;;more than the lives lost in full scale war of 1965 when forces reached lahore and capture haji peer pass ;more than in full scale war of 1971 when the enemy nation was cut to half,new nation created by indian forces and the biggest ever surrender of enemy forces took place ;since kargil battle yet another 20000 soldiers permanently sucked into the most inhospitable area of the world ,slow bleeding the forces

    1. Thank you very much for your well-informed comments and at the same time showing the general disgust at the attitude of an ungrateful nation.

      We are heading for a major crisis indeed.

  2. India remained under foreign rule for 1500 years just because then rulers ignored good advise and engaged themselves in self gratification and AYYASHI. Same is being repeated today. Dread to think of the future. Gentlemen there is no God to save us as it did not save us in history. Only Armed Forces with high morale can India.

    1. Thank you, Gandhi, Sir. It is a great honour for me to have your comment on my blog. I hope all these self-serving and seemingly unruffled people really have a Plan B ready when they look back and suddenly find there are no worthwhile armed forces left.


      1. The bandicoots wittingly or unwittingly are setup on changing the course of Indian history nay changing course of Indian Civilisation. When it does not matter as decades cum centuries decide. Sad isn’t it.

      2. Their Plan B , of babu-neta nexus, would be to abandon the country and flee to foreign climes, where they have salted away all the money they have looted from India and their children have already studied and settled there.They have no stakes in India except to loot it bare.

  3. Bravo! For conveying the honest feelings of the soldiers so clearly and ‘in the face’ sock to these people who claim to be doing all they can for the security of the Nation. When all they are doing is to line their pockets with money allocated for defence. The IAS wants to protect its turf and are once again seeking to maintain the edge they have obtained over the years by subterfuge and chicanery. They are the bane of this country and its time their bluff is called.
    Had high hopes from the earlier record of PM & RM, but with the FM’s help the bureaucrats have been able to stall OROP under various false excuses. They will rot in hell for ensuring that the Nation’s security is compomised

    1. General Bahri Sir,

      I consider it a great honour to obtain a comment from someone as erudite and balanced as you.

      “Honest feelings”? As, I am sure you will readily endorse, Sir, in the armed forces (I served for 37 years), we didn’t even know any other way of expressing than ‘straight talk’.

      My huge concern at this nuncture is that the neglect and disdain by the netas, babus and others shouldn’t lead to things getting out of hand. After all, how long can you suppress people?


  4. Sunbyanyname…that was a very well written article bringing out the anguish prevalent. The sad part is that most of our country men don’t care and I don’t think they ever will. So you are right. I don’t trust any of these folks anymore either.

    1. Thank you Ramesh. It is as clear as the writing on the wall. You cannot expect the armed forces who are relentlessly belittled to continue with business as usual. And all because of the short-sightedness of our babus and netas.

  5. Sunbyanyname… You have hit the nail on the head….. sooner or later these feelings had to come out…only the dumbs couldn’t see these or behaved like Ostriches…..Damage is already done. We can’t trust them anymore. I have commented somewhere that more the government delays, more skeletons will tumble out of cupboard. We will become more aware to perks and benefits which have been denied to us so far.

    1. Thank you Colonel Deepak Vishnoi. You and I both feel that it is an irreparable damage. Even if they give us the full OROP now, which is most unlikely considering the guile of the babus, this chasm is unlikely to heal. An ungrateful nation has earned itself great ignominy.

  6. I do not trust our primeminister, defence ministr any mre since they have faoed t keep up their promise and cmmitment made in s many occassins befre eection and after eection they atre nt worthy t be ministers and nethas since they faioed t keep up their promis

    1. Agree with you Colonel Janakiraman. The RM, when reminded by Maj Gen Satbir even retorted that it was naive on his part to believe in election promises!


  7. A good blog. Sharp and to the point. Having been let down so often over the years we really can’t afford to trust anyone, and I guess we never will again. Thanks for expressing our ‘feelings’ so succinctly.

    1. Thank you, Sir; after they have gagged the press, the only course available to us is to reach out through social media. Sooner or later, I hope, they will wake up to the challenge that they face because of their skulduggery and petty-mindedness.

      1. It is unfortunate for an ungrateful nation that it has failed to look after its Fauji who safeguarded with utmost devotion with years of expertise, preparedness and mortification. Time will not forgive it. The nation will inevitably face the music for inviting the curse of a dejected heart thereby loosing his utmost devotion.

        1. Well said. “Time will not forgive it” is somber but harsh reality. The former chiefs openly told the PM that this dilly-dallying and petty-mindedness would have grave security implications. But, perhaps, they know more about national security than the chiefs! Regards.

  8. Well said “sunbyanyname”; you have aptly given vent to the pent up feelings of the armed forces community, veterans and the serving alike. The nation takes us for granted yet we can’t but wish them well and wish they read about how the westerners and their governments respect and care for their armed forces and their veterans! Apparently, they haven’t read about the public statements of the US President in respect of their armed forces and the veterans.

    1. Thank you very much Wg. Cdr SK Ahluwalia. I have a feeling that when the ex service chiefs wrote an open letter to the PM regarding security implications of the prolonged agitation, they must have taken these pent-up feelings into consideration. I simply re-voiced and re-emphasized. Regards.

  9. It is very shameful for a RM to keep changing goal posts and playing nautanki with kith and kins of armed forces personnel irrespective of whether promises made pre election are worth implementation or not..

    Why was the PM harping from roof tops that he has implemented OROP. In fact his PS / media etc were themselves fooling him in disguise. Why artificiality without knowing anything on the ground.

    On one side the executive is befooling them and on the other side, see the after effects which would cause permanent harm to the revered institution.

    1. Thank you. You said it quite well indeed. So, in effect, for all practical purposes, they are being penny-wise, pound foolish. Naturally, the “permanent harm” that you talk about would prove very costly in the long run.

    2. This govt has also said false statement the GO hs already been issued on OROP , which was not Who has got a copy and what is the status of orop. fooling the nation by false statements to SC is not asked by even by SC. Where are we.

  10. The deep hurt and anguish expressed by ‘Fauji’ can never be gauged by selfish, ungrateful, dishonest and corrupt babus and netas who have fallen to such low levels as to humiliate their very own army, and denied them their rightful place in society with their vindictive attitude, and created emergency like situation for the Veterans by gagging the media and press and misleading the people by making them believe that OROP is implemented when nothing at all has come in writing from govt. And now an element of fear is being created amongst those who dare to expose the big lie through social networks. Shame,shame, shame on the netas and babus.

    1. How beautifully and aptly put by you Major SC Mathur. This is going to turn out for them very costly mistake. Either they do not know it at all in the belief that ignorance is bliss; or, they are overconfident that they would be able to handle the adverse fallout.

      Lets wait and watch.

  11. Faujis are only a very small percentage of the populace at the receiving end of the machinations of the self serving mafia (politico-bureaucratic nexus) controlling the Indian government. The dithering and dilly dallying by the Govt. on OROP may have done the nation good. It has finally woken up the faujis and hopefully has united them in their stand against this mafia. Being an optimist, I am hoping that this could be the beginning of rallying around the Aam Admi in his fight for protecting the nation from the clutches of the corrupt mafia, with the faujis providing the leadership. The fight would need to be a democratic one through elections, after first educating / informing the populace. It is going to be a long haul!

    1. There certainly is that point of view too Cmde Ashok Sawhney, Sir. Most of us never really bothered about ehat emoluments were given to us; we trusted the government. A curious fallout of this agitation is that now everyone is aware how the netas and babus short changed us and the need to expose these self-serving johnnies. Perhaps, seen in that manner, there is some good in it, after all.

  12. Wonderful piece straight from the heart. The whole edifice of the Armed Forces is based on ” Mutual Trust “. We trusted PM Modi and voted for him to deliver on the long pending issue of OROP, moreso because he had announced it at the hallowed battlefield of Siachen in front of all soldiers on Diwali day. That gift is still pending and it seems will remain so. He has broken that trust at the instance of his FM/RM and the wily Babus. How can we trust them anymore ? A sad case of broken promises by “Netas and Babus” – Veteran Brig SS Jaswal, Panchkula.

    1. Well summed up Brig SS Jaswal. This is, as we all see it, not just a personal issue between the government and the veterans. It will, unless controlled, manifest itself into loss of hope for the countrymen. They saw in Narendra Modi a hope for unfulfilled aspirations of the people. They are gradually realising that non-issues have taken over the central stage and developmental agenda has been given a go by.

    2. One more diwali is coming and the pm is in J@K hope he goes to siachin and announce one more orop to the faujis and give swwet to them Very sad promise not yet kept by poor mini of rich nation.

  13. Dear Sunbyanyname
    Thanks from the core of my heart for putting my feelings on the paper so clearly and truthfully.Yeas I still pray for my India,may God keep it free,safe,prosperous and at peace

  14. Indian Politicians do not have any morale responsibilities towards their countrymen.. They make false promises for getting votes. They are the real beggars.

  15. How about these media men. They are all selfish, insincere to there profession. Not a wotrd fro showing off anchor like Arnav. They have no loyalyty to there profession.

  16. Air Commodore Tanpat Pannu
    A bare truth told in a simple and straight forward manner. All this while, after we had known what the FM was aiming at, we had some hopes that RM would have courage/ wisdom to convince the PM against the machinations of FM/bureaucracy but that hope also stands shattered. There is no doubt that in the beginning itself, the FM (when he was RM, too) had clearly hinted (by asking the ESM delegation to lower our expectations) that this promise was not meant to be fulfilled but, in the light of the promise made by PM, who seemed to be well meaning, we trusted that, ultimately, the things would go in our favour. By now it is absolutely clear that our due will be denied; hence, I (in fact, we) do not trust you (the establishment) any more is a plain truth.
    It is ironical that the President & the PM both have not heeded to the advice of 14 of our ex Chiefs not to ignore the demand of OROP any longer as the same had a demoralising effect on the serving soldier and thereby compromising the security of the Nation. It is unfortunate that the establishment is oblivious of the long term effect, which will hit us hard when, God forbid, we would face another 1962 like debacle.
    It seems we have not been able to amply educate our countrymen, amongst whom, we have very few sane voices, who stand by us. Another reason seems to be Fauji strength, (though in large numbers but widely scattered all over the country) unlikely to make a dent in the elections as estimated by the politicians. And the last, but not the least, reason is our failure to (realistically) unite all the ESM organisations. Unless we take care of these shortcomings, we will continue to meet the same fate.

    1. Thank you Air Commodore Tanpat Pannu Sir for your detailed and clear headed comment. Yes, at this juncture, they appear to be holding all the cards because we ain’t an effective pressure group. But, as General Bhupinder said in Tribune recently, things can suddenly change if someone who is very disciplined loses patience. It is a frightening scenario indeed.

  17. An extremely well written blog. Congrats. Any hope of this being read by the powers that be would be misplaced. These folks think differently. While a Fauji thinks of the country first, followed by his service, his paltan and then himself. The babus & netas line of thinking is in the reverse order; first & foremost is his own self interest, then his party, his state and last is the country. We keep harping that their indifference is doing great harm to national security & the country. Do they care ??!! No. They know that when the chips are down we will fight with what we have to the last man & last round. One foreign commentator had said that the Indian Army lacks everything except courage & determination.

    1. Very well said Maj Gen Tahiliani Sir. One of thr eminent suggestions to instill some discipline and Chetwode code in our countrymen in general and in our netas and babus in particular is to institute compulsory military training. They would really value what the faujis do after this catharsis.

  18. Let THERE BE A WAR. These nincompoops will run with their tails between their dhoti’s and trousers and beg us all to help.

  19. Two prime ministers attended the marriage reception of a cricketer but have no time to meet faujis at Jantar Mantat.

    1. Absolutely correct Baldev Singh. They don’t value faujis. As seen by them, and actually clarified by Shri Manohar Parriker, the RM, war is only once in a while. Cricket match is everyday!

  20. If the ruling party and other political parties do not feel the grave situation that no body is there to look up for their safety, war, flood or earthquake not only in India but any where in the world, they will order you to save them but after that they will forget you and they will get one more hike in their salary God save India from BBabus and the undeserving.

    1. I have served in Indian army for 23 years and retired as a Major . I have seen the life of a rect ,sepoy, unpaid l/Nk , cadet, 2 Lt, Lt, Capt and Major and I know their problems.

  21. Since writing of this article by you, sunbyanyname, much water has flown under the bridge,OROP barring some issues has more or less settled. However the funny thing is that the OROP has also been given to the rest of central govt employees thru 7 CPC matrix structure, how I am yet to figure out. Then Disability pension by slab system is a double whammy as the DA @125% (6 CPC) just goes down to 0%(7CPC), and does not get compensated in the slab. But more alarming is the tinkering of command and control by calling it functional responsibility. And this is against the constitutional position of Armed forces. (A copy of Mr Ashok Singh’s article posted by me
    Constitutional position of armed forces
    Article 18, 34, 52, 74
    Chapter 14.Services of union and states, Articles 309 and 310 for defence services.
    Articles 311 to 323 for other services)
    Further, two civilian ADGs have been created at field level to exercise control over chief engineers at Northern Command and Eastern Command. This will cut the authority of the Area Commanders. Another thing which I have observed on the social media is that I DO NOT TRUST YOU by the ORs and JCOs of their officers, as we feel about our Govt and bureaucrats.
    What do we do stem the rot. Can you lead a brain storm session with our leading brainy ESMs. Thank you for being patient with me.

    1. Very grateful to you, Ashutosh Anand Sir, for the detailed comments and also for sharing from the blog of Ashok Singh Sir. I recommend everyone to read your comment and his blog and share as much as possible so that the cob-webs in our own minds are cleared before we take on clearing others’. I shall be sharing your Facebook post extensively. Regards.

  22. This nation and its people have descended so low in morality that its about time Indian Armed Forces, as honourably served by us in last 4 to 5 decades, must abandon the sinking ship. All over the world in different kinds of professions, nowadays it is “you pay adequately and I deliver”; so it should be for Armed Forces. Let us stop preaching high morality standards to soldiers any more. This country doesnt deserve it. Neta-Babu nexus has become supreme and they will soon stop throwing even crumbs in soldiers way. Our Chiefs have contributed to this downward spiral in our status. They are all so meek and self serving hypocrites who should not be trusted, firstly and only then this Neta-Babu nexus…
    If this recent case of suicide by Subedar also doesnt change the stance of Neta-Babu nexus toward Armed Forces, then the only recourse to get justice will be Revolt.. which to my mind isnot toofar fetchedor distant..
    None can work for Izzat and Nation before Self for long if his basic motivational hygiene factors are continuously ignored and for others regularly granted. All this despite SC intervention.
    Sad but true, that is the only way. Till then, veterans must stop cribbing and writing to gain sympathy about OROP n 7th CPC dispensation because nothing will happen. New generation Indians are very good at lip service and have no time to support Soldiers cause.
    Therefore, just be happy with what you receive and lead a positive life.

    1. Thank you Vijay Tewari Sir. Your angst in posting such strong comments is totally understood. I hope the powers that be who have taken the armed forces for granted (by creating a wedge between the veterans and the serving ‘faujis‘) will soon learn that repeated injustices and humiliation may actually force ‘faujis‘ to adopt means that they won’t have done until now.

      We have politics into everything. NDA government is taking lots of credit for having settled the OROP and its supporters are shouting from house-tops that they donot deserve this treatment from the armed forces after what they have done. The fact is that their reporters of the simmering discontent amongs armed forces personnel are the same wily babus who are not just denying armed forces equal footing but are hell bent upon humiliating and embarrassing them.

      I agree with you that the rest of the countrymen: industrialists, babus, actors, media people, sportsmen and women, lawyers, doctors, engineers etc are least bothered. That’s why I had put a warning in the essay that hopefully they have Plan B ready when next time the chips are down and they want the forces to be as loyal as they had earlier taken for granted.

      1. Thank you sir. A well balanced and thought provoking statement. Each comments on the sunbyanyname article shows true feeling of all ESM. I hope our political leadership take note and address it rightly. We have no hope left from our two ministers (ex. ESM) who are happy keeping their ministrial berth safe. Best regards.

        1. This is really an unprecedented situation. Our political leadership appears to be convinced that the voice of the veterans doesn’t matter as long as it has active armed forces loyal to it. That may change overnight; after all how much more you can humiliate people for whom dignity is everything?

    how early it realises, is a measure of nationality.

    At this rate we will surely have conscription soon !!

  24. I served with the Indian Army for a period of ten years being a short service commissioned officer and the struggle for the rightfull dues of the armed forces will not have any financial benefits for me but I am equally pained at the way our soldier’s have to plead for their dues this is the only organisation which has never let the nation down be it external or internal aggression or aid to civil authorities or natural calamities.The morale of the soldier has to be restored by giving him his rightful status and financial dues.
    Ex Major Surinder Singh

    1. Thank you Surinder. Both the status and the financial remuneration are important. Presently, it is the status that has been degraded even more than the financial part.

  25. Very aptly in enunciated . Nothing could be closer to the truth. The politicians must realise their folly and make mid course corrections. It will be too late. Every thing cannot be judged against money, as the finance minister would prefer. Listen to your heart and millions of poor rural folks who have given their young to protect this country at ANY COST. Just ponder and introspect. ….You will get the answer. It is still NOT too late. Jai Hind.

  26. Dear sir,

    1. i am a serving major. i completely agree with your blog and feelings. much has been written about the subject and i cannot give any new input.

    2. just i wonder sometimes, all my senior officers ( to incl retired Gen and Brigs) speak a lot about ill treatment done to armed forces only after retirement. what were they doing while serving, when they were actually in postion to bring some change?

    3. i am not against them , but this doubt is genuine…

    4 regards..

    1. Major Amar, at very early stages of the OROP movement, former Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Arun Prakash, in a television debate brought out the loss of trust of middle ranking officers and jawans in their seniors. Armed forces being hierarchical, as they should be, cannot give their best with this loss of trust. I don’t think that the netas and babus are alarmed at all.

      Sad, very sad. We are fast moving into times when the youth of the country would shy away from joining the armed forces.

  27. Prime minister sir,
    Only for you. Because you, with your honesty and integrity, can appriciate the heartfelt cry of a fauji. I understand, note bandi is taking maximum of your time and we all are with you on this nation cleansing mission, yet the security of the country and morale of the security forces can not be ignored. So please let your trusted do an unbiased and impartial analysis of the state of affairs and let them first capture the emotional essence of the rot set in past 70 years starting with Nehru, followed by Indira and thereafter the politico bureacratic nexus with their near sighted visions. Which, I am afraid, still prevails over your far sighted visions for the steps needed to make Indian Security Forces TOP OF THE CLASS IN REALITY AND NOT ON PAPER ONLY.
    (Posted today 9 dec 16 on my fb status)