Yesterday, I put up an article titled OROP Rally, Azad Maidan, Mumbai, Saturday, 31st October explaining the history of the OROP agitation and the reasons for its continuation even after the government’s announcement on 05 Sep 15.

OROP has been a history of un-kept and broken promises by the governments. It started off in 1973 when the OROP was withdrawn unilaterally by the government in 1973 with a promise that it would be restored in the then forthcoming 3rd Central Pay Commission.

The latest of these have been by the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his election campaign in Rewari, Haryana in Sep 2013 that OROP would be implemented within 100 days of his government coming to power. Then he made a promise at the heights of the Siachin on the occasion of Diwali last year that OROP would be implemented shortly. Yet another Diwali is around the corner. Lord Rama went on 14 years of exile. The veterans have done 14 multiplied by three, that is, 42 years of exile. And now the latest buzz is that the government intends making the notification before next Diwali.

Promises galore.

I am reminded of this Daag Dehlavi ghazal sung so beautifully by Mohammad Rafi on Khaiyyam’s music: Ghazab kiya tere waade pe intezaar kiya…

Here is my parody on it, to be sung on the same tune:

ग़ज़ब किया तेरे वादे पे ऐतबार किया
तमाम लाइफ OROP का इंतज़ार किया

घटा घटा के मेरी पेंशन को शर्मसार किया
तसलियाँ मुझे दे दे के बेक़रार किया

हम ऐसे चालाक ना थे के होश आ जाता
मगर तेरी दग़ाबाज़ी ने होशियार किया

कमेटियां आप ने बनायी कमीशन आप ने बिठाए
कुछ ऐतबार किया और कुछ ना ऐतबार किया

वह दिन भी आएगा बाबू जब तुम भी जागोगे
अभी तो पैसे और ताक़त ने तुम्हें खराब किया

ग़ज़ब किया तेरे वादे पे ऐतबार किया
तमाम लाइफ OROP का इंतज़ार किया


Ghazab kiya tere waade pe aitbaar kiya,
Tamaam life OROP ka intezaar kiya.

Ghata ghata ke meri pension ko sharamsaar kiya,
Tasaliyaan mujhe de de ke beqraar kiya.

Hum aise chaalak na the jo hosh aa jaata,
Magar tumahaari dagaabaazi ne hoshiyaar kiya.

Kametiyan aap ne banaayi, commission aap ne bithaaye,
Kuchh aitbaar kiya aur kuchh na aitbaar kiya.

Woh din bhi aayega baabu jab tum bhi jaagoge
Abhi to paise aur taaqat ne tumhen kharaab kiya.

Ghazab kiya tere waade pe aitbaar kiya
Tamaam life OROP kaa intezaar kiya.

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