Why do I shed tears, year after year, on the day of the death anniversary of Shakeel (the name means Handsome or Good Looking), today, 20th April? Is it because he died too young (Having been born on 3rd Aug 1916, he was only 53 when he died on this day in 1970)? I am not even well versed in Urdu, not even a hundredth of what he was and yet I pray to God that before I die I should be able to write at least a couplet as good as he wrote.


On the 10th of January this year I started a Facebook group ‘Main Shayar To Nahin’ primarily to air my devotion for him and some other Urdu poets. I regularly put up Shakeel’s poetry with meanings so that more and more people can savour his excellence. I call him the King of Irony since no one can write irony better than he did. Just one example:

Na milata gham to barbaadi ke afsaane kahan jaate?
If there was to be no sorrow, where would odes of ruin find a place
Agar duniya chaman hoti to veeraane kahan jaate?
If the world would be just a garden, where would deserts find a place
Chalo achha hua apano mein koi gair to nikala,
It is good that amongst own people there was an outsider too
Agar hote sabhi apane to begaane kahan jaate?
If all people were your own (in the world) where would strangers find a place

My blog already has a number of articles on Shakeel Badayuni (‘Shakeel Badayuni – The King Amongst Lyricist And Poets – Part I’; ‘Shakeel Badayuni – The King Amongst Lyricist And Poets – Part II’, ‘The Best Of Old Hindi Songs – Rafi, Shakeel, Naushad And Dilip Kumar Together’, and ‘Another Tribute To Shakeel Badayuni In The Month Of His Death Anniversary’)

We were a slave nation for 31 years of his 53 that he walked on this earth. All his contemporaries wrote about social inequalities, poverty, slavery and the like. Shakeel wrote about Love, Mohabbat, Ishq, Wafa, Ulfat; it is as if he lived in a different world. In addition, his god faring nature ensured that he also wrote the finest Bhajans in Hindi movies.

Lets start the journey into his Ghazals. This is the first part; more to follow:

Ghazal #1

His most famous ghazal had Irony, Gham, Despondency and ruefulness in adequate measures; a ghazal made famous by Begum Akhtar, Mallika-e-Ghazal (Queen of Ghazals), though other vied to sing it too.

Please enjoy: Aye mohabbat tere anjaam pe rona aaya….

Aye Mohabbat Tere Anjaam Pe Ronaa Aayaa
O love your outcome makes me cry
Jaane Kyun Aaj Tere Naam Pe Ronaa Aayaa
Today I do not know why the mention of your name makes me cry

Youn To Har Shaam Ummidon Mein Guzar Jaati Hai
As it is that every evening passed by in expectations
Aaj Kuch Baat Hai Jo Shaam Pe Ronaa Aayaa
Today something is there that the evening makes me cry

Kabhi Taqdeer Ka Maatam Kabhi Duniyaa Ka Gilaa
Sometimes I grieve for my destiny, sometimes I blame the world
Manzil-e-Ishq Mein Har Gaam Pe Ronaa Aayaa
Every step I take towards the destination of love makes me cry

Mujh Pe Hi Khatam Huaa Silsila-e-nauhagari
With me ended series of lamenting
Is Kadar Gardish-e-Ayyaam Pe Rona Aaya
To this extent the vicissitudes of fortune made me cry

Jab Huaa Zikr Zamaane Mein Mohabbat Ka Shakeel
When there was a discussion on love, worldwide, Shakeel
Mujh Ko Apne Dil-e-Naakaam Pe Ronaa Aayaa
The futile struggles of my love made me cry

Ghazal #2

Another of his ghazals made immortal by Begum Akhtar had the same despondency, irony, sadness about it. Words melted into tears.

Please enjoy: Mere humnafas, mere humnuwa, mujhe dost ban ke daga na de….

Mere Humnafas, Mere Humnawaa,
My soul-mate, my dearest friend
Mujhe Dost Ban Ke Dagaa Na De
Do not be my friend and betray me
Main Hoon Dard-e-Ishq Se Jaan-Valab,
The pain of love has left me lifeless
Mujhe Zindagi Ki Dua Na De
Do not give to me the blessing of life

Main Gham-E-Jahan Se Nidhaal Hoon
I am listless with the sorrow of life
Ke Saraapaa Dard-O-Malaal Hoon
I am head to toe in the pain of grief
Jo Likhi Hai Mere Naseeb Mein
What has been written in my fate
Wo Aalam Kisi Ko Khudaa Na De
May God not grant to anyone this state

Na Ye Zindagi Meri Zindagi
Neither this life is my life
Na Ye Daastaan Meri Daastaan
Nor this story is my story
Main Khayaal O Weham Se Door Hoon
From thoughts and fancies I am far away
Mujhe Aaj Koi Sadaa Na De
May anyone not call me today

Mere Ghar Se Door Hain Raahatein
Relief is distant from my home
Mujhe Dhoondhti Hain Musibatein
Trouble has been searching for me
Mujhe Khauf Yeh Hai Ke Mera Pataa
I am scared of this, that my address
Koi Gardishon Ko Bataa Na De
May someone not reveal to my misfortunes

Mujhe Chhodd De Mere Haal Par,
Let me please be on my own
Teraa Kyaa Bharosaa Hai Chaaragar
How can I rely on you, O healer
Ye Teri Nawaazish-e-Mukhtasar,
This inadequate favor of yours
Meraa Dard Aur Badhaa Na De
May it not further aggravate my pain

Meraa Azm Itnaa Buland Hai
My resolve is so sublime
Ke Paraaye Sholo-n Kaa Darr Nahin
That the fire-bolts of others scare me not
Mujhe Khauf Aatish-e-Gul Se Hai,
I fear the flare within the flower
Ye Kahin Chaman Ko Jalaa Na De
May it not set the garden ablaze

Mere Daagh-e-Dil Se Hai Roshni,
The scar of my love begets a radiance
Isi Roshni Se Hai Zindagi
This radiance begets an existence
Mujhe Darr Hai Aye Mere Chaaragar,
I am scared of this O healer of mine
Ye Chiraag Tu Hi Bujha Na De
May you not yourself, blow out this lamp

Mera Chashm-E-Shauq Tera Bharam
The desire in my eyes is a delusion for you
Rahe Umr Bhar Yoon Hi Taaza Dam
Shall be fresh like this all of it’s life
Naa Pukaar Us Ko Ke Wo Sanam
Do not call her or that darling of yours
Kahin Jal Ke Jalwa Dikha Na De
May she not light up to display her splendour

Dar-E-Yaar Par Badi Dhoom Hai
There is a big ruckus at the door of my lover
Wahi Aashiqon Ka Hujoom Hai
That mob of her suitors has gathered there
Abhi Neend Aayi Hai Husn Ko
My sweetheart has just now gone to sleep
Koi Shor Kar Ke Jagaa Na De
By their noise they may not wake her up

Kabhi Jaam Lab Se Lagaa Diya
Sometimes she takes the wine-cup to my lips
Kabhi Muskura Ke Hataa Diyaa
Sometimes she smiles and takes it away
Teri Chedh Chaadh Aye Saaqiyaa
This teasing of yours O bar-tender
Meri Tishnagi Ko Badhaa Na De
May it not intensify my longing for you

Wo Uthein Hain Leke Khum-o-Suboo,
She rises-up holding a cup of wine
Are Aye ‘Shakeel’ Kahaan Hai Tu
Listen O Shakeel Where are you
Tera Jaam Lene Ko Bazm Mein
To take away your cup of wine
Koi Aur Haath Badha Na De
May Someone else not extend his hand

Ghazal #3

Whilst Beghum Akhtar sang some of his non-filmy ghazals, the best filmy ghazals of Shakeel Badayuni were sung by both Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar. But, the fact is that they sang some of his non-filmy ghazals too.

Here is one of my favourites by Lata Mangeshkar: Aank se aankh milata hai koi…

Aa.Nkh se aa.Nkh milaataa hai ko_ii
Someone is making his eyes rest on mine
Dil ko khii.Nche liye jaataa hai ko_ii
Someone is tugging at my heart

Vaa-e-hairat ke bharii mahafil me.n
Alas in this party full of wonder
Mujh ko tanhaa nazar aataa hai ko_ii
I find someone is alone

Sub.h ko KHunuk fanaa.oñ ki qasam
I vow by the happy weather of the morning
Roz aa aa ke jagaata hai ko_ii
Someone comes again and again to awaken me

Manzar-e-husn-e-do-aalam ke nisaar
Offering of the spectacle of the beauty of two world
Mujh ko aa-iina dikhaataa hai ko_ii
Someone his showing me the looking-glass

Chaahiye Khud pe yaqiin-e-kaamil
One should have firm belief on oneself
Hausalaa kis kaa ba.Dhaataa hai ko_ii
Who is there to provide encouragement?

Sab karishmaat-e-tasavvur hai “Shakeel”
All are miracles of imagination, Shakeel
Varanaa aataa hai na jaataa hai ko_ii
Else no one comes, no one goes

Ghazal #4

Another singer who added his name into the list of immortal ghazal singers was Talat Mehmood.

Here is he singing Shakeel’s famous ghazal: Meri zindagi hai zaalim tere gham se aashkara…

Merii zindagii hai zaalim, tere Gam se aashkaaraa
My life is a manifestation of your sorrow, O tyrant
Teraa Gam hai dar-haqiiqat mujhe zindagii se pyaaraa
The truth is that your sorrow is dearer to me than my life

Vo agar buraa na maane to jahaa.N-e-rang-o-buu me.n
If she won’t mind then in this world of colour and fragrance
Mai.n sukuun-e-dil kii Khaatir koii Dhuu.NDh luu.N sahaaraa
May I search for support for the sake of peace of my heart?

Ye fulak fulak havaaye.N ye jhukii jhukii ghaTaaye.N
These happy winds, these low rain bearing clouds
Vo nazar bhii kyaa nazar hai jo samajh na le ishaaraa
What kind of eye is that which can’t take this hint?

Mujhe aa gayaa yaqii.n saa yahii hai merii ma.nzil
I have come to believe that this is my destination
Sar-e-rah jab kisii ne mujhe daffa’atan pukaaraa
On the road when someone called me spontaneously

Mai.n bataauu.N farq naasih, jo hai mujh me.n aur tujh me.n
I can tell you my counsellor, the difference between you and me
Merii zindagii talaatum, terii zindagii kinaaraa
My life is like a sea-storm, your life is like a shore

Mujhe guftaguu se ba.Dakar Gam-e-izn-e-guftaguu hai
More than the conversation, I have grief of permission to converse
Wahii baat puuchhte hai.n jo na kah sakuu.N dobaaraa
She asks me about that thing that I can’t repeat

Koii aye ‘Shakeel’ dekhe, ye junuu.N nahii.n to kyaa hai
Someone should see this, Shakeel, isn’t it madness
Ke usii ke ho gaye ham jo na ho sakaa hamaaraa
That I became hers but she couldn’t be mine

Ghazal #5

These ghazals are not in any order. Here is a famous ghazal of his (there are none of his ghazals that are not famous!). This has been sung by Pankaj Udhas.

Please enjoy: Kaise keh doon ke mulaaqaat nahin hoti hai….

Kaise kah duu.N ki mulaaqaat nahii.n hotii hai
How can I say that meeting with her doesn’t take place?
Roz milate hai.n magar baat nahii.n hotii hai
We meet everyday but don’t say anything

Aap lillaah na dekhaa kare.n aaiinaa kabhii
For God’s sake, don’t ever see a looking-glass
Dil kaa aa jaanaa ba.Dii baat nahii.n hotii hai
It is not such a big thing that I fell for you

Chhup ke rotaa huu.N terii yaad me.n duniyaa bhar se
Stealthily from the world I cry in your memory
Kab merii aa.Nkh se barasaat nahii.n hotii hai
That’s why rain of tears don’t freely fall from my eyes

Haal-e-dil puuchhane vaale terii duniyaa me.n kabhii
You aske me the wellness of my heart, in your world at any time
Din to hotaa hai magar raat nahii.n hotii hai
Day rises but night never comes

Jab bhii milate hai.n to kahate hai.n kaise ho “Shakeel”
When you meet me you ask me how are you, Shakeel
Is se aage to koii baat nahii.n hotii hai
Post this, no other conversation takes place

Ghazal #6

Anyone singing any of Shakeel’s ghazals would gain instant immortality. Begum Akhtar did and also Nirmala Devi, actor Govinda’s mother. She was a Hindustan classical vocalist of the Patiala Gharana and her rendition of Shakeel’s ghazal Bana bana ke tamanna mitayi jaati hai got her fame.

Please enjoy: Bana bana ke tamanna mitayi jaati hai….

Banaa banaa ke tamannaa miTaa_ii jaatii hai
Craving is repeatedly built up and destroyed
Tarah tarah se vafaa aazamaa_ii jaatii hai
In many different ways fidelity is tested

Jab un ko merii muhabbat kaa aitabaar nahii.n
When she has no trust in my love
To jhukaa jhukaa ke nazar kyo.n milaa_ii jaatii hai
Then why does she meet my eyes lovingly?

Hamaare dil kaa pataa vo hame.n nahii.n dete
She doesn’t let me know where has my heart gone
Hamaarii chiiz hamii.n se chhupaa_ii jaatii hai
My own thing is kept hidden from me

‘Shakeel’ duurii-e-manzil se naa-ummiid na ho
Shakeel, destination is far, don’t lose hope
Manzil ab aa hii jaatii hai ab aa hii jaatii hai
You are about to reach the destination now

Ghazal #7

This is very good and you ought to read it with translation. However, I couldn’t find either the video or the audio for this except for a recitation by Nomaan Shauque. It is still a very fine ghazal.

Please enjoy: Woh hamase door hote jaa rahe hain…

Woh hamase door hote jaa rahe hain
She is moving far from me
Bahut maghroor hote jaa rahe hain
And becoming arrogant

Bas ik tark-e-mohabbat ke iraade
Only the resolve for break-up
Hamen manzoor hote jaa rahe hain
Is becoming increasingly acceptable to me

Manaazir the jo firdaus-e-tasavvur
The scenes of paradise of imagination that were earlier accepted
Vo sab mastuur hote jaa rahe hain
Are becoming hidden now

Badalti jaa rahi hai dil ki duniyaa
The world of the heart is changing
Naye dastuur hote jaa rahe hain
New customs are arising

Bahut maghmuum tha jo deeda o dil
Very sad was the sight of my heart
Bahut masruur hote jaa rahe hain
Very cheerful is she becoming

Wafa par murdaani si chha chali hai
Fidelity has the shadow of death over it
Sitam kaa noor hote jaa rahe hain
She is becoming the light of the oppression

Kabhi woh pass aaye jaa rahe the
At one time she was coming closer
Magar ab door hote jaa rahe hain
But now she is moving farther

Firaq-e-hijr ke taareek lamhe
The dark moments of parting and separation
Saraapaa noor hote jaa rahe hain
Totally are becoming clearer now

Shakeel, ehsaas-e-gumnaami se keh do
Shakeel, let the feeling of anonymity know
Ke ham mashhuur hote jaa rahe hain
That I am becoming famous now

Ghazal #8

Begum Akhtar again and this time with a much simpler ghazal.

Please enjoy: Khush hoon mera husn-e-talab kaam to aaya…

Khush huu.N ki meraa husn-e-talab kaam to aayaa
I am happy my way of wanting beauty has found a use
Khaalii hii sahii merii taraf jaam to aayaa
Even though empty at least the wine glass has been offered to me

Kaafii hai mere dil ki tasallii ko yahii baat
This thing is sufficient for the consolation of my heart
Aap aa na sake aap kaa paiGaam to aayaa
You couldn’t come but at least your message came

Apano.n ne nazar pherii to dil ne to diyaa saath
When my own people moved away at least the heart accompanied me
Duniyaa me.n koii dost mere kaam to aayaa
In this world at least some friend was of some use

Wo subah kaa ehasaas ho yaa.N merii kashish ho
It may be the feeling of morning or my attraction
Duubaa hua Khurshiid sar-e-baam to aayaa
Sinking Sun came to the corner of the terrace

Log un se ye kahate hai.n ki kitane hai.n “Shakeel” aap
People tell her how Shakeel (good-looking) is she
Is husn ke sadaqe me.n meraa naam to aayaa
At least my name was uttered in the offering of the beauty

Ghazal #9

If I have given you a ghazal of his sung by Lata Mangeshkar, I am bound to give you one by Asha Bhosle (Asha ji). This is from the 1953 movie Hazaar Raten.

Please enjoy: Meri Zindagi Pe Na Muskaraa Mujhe Zindagi Kaa Alam Nahin….

Merii zindagii pe na muskaraa mujhe zindagii kaa alam nahii.n
Don’t smile on my life, I have no anguish about life
Jise tere Gam se ho vaastaa vo Khizaa.N bahaar se kam nahii.n
The one that’s related to your sorrow, that autumn is not less than spring

Meraa kufr haasil-e-zuud hai meraa zuud haasil-e-kufr hai
My disbelief is in the realm of abstinence, my abstinence is in the realm of disbelief
Merii bandagii vo hai bandagii jo rahiin-e-dair-o-haram nahii.n
My devotion is that devotion that’s not pledged to temple or mosque

Mujhe raas aaye Khudaa kare yahii ishtibaah kii saa_ate.n
God willing my moments of ambiguity should become acceptable
Unhe.n aitabaar-e-vafaa to hai mujhe aitabaar-e-sitam nahii.n
She at least has trust in love, I don’t have trust in her tyranny

Vahii kaaravaa.N vahii raaste vahii zindagii vahii marahale
Same caravan, same raods, same stages of life’s journey
Magar apane-apane muqaam par kabhii tum nahii.n kabhii ham nahii.n
But in our own stations, sometimes you ain’t there, sometimes I am not there

Na vo shaan-e-jabr-e-shabaab hai na vo rang-e-qahar-e-itaab hai
Neither is there pride in being a young man, nor is there atmosphere of havoc and displeasure
Dil-e-beqaraar pe in dino.n hai sitam yahii ki sitam nahii.n
These days my restless heart is oppressed that there is no oppression

Na fanaa merii na baqaa merii mujhe ai ‘Shakeel’ na Dhuu.NDiye
Neither I own mortality nor death, please don’t search for me
Mai.n kisii kaa husn-e-Khayaal huu.N meraa kuchh vujuud-o-adam nahii.n
I am someone’s beauty of thought, I don’t have life or after life

Ghazal #10

K Asif’s 1960 magnum opus Mughal-e-Azam was as famous for depicting the love affair between Prince Salim and courtesan Ananrkali as for its songs and ghazals penned by Shakeel Badayuni with Naushad Ali’s music.

The best ghazal of the movie in his characteristic style is this.

Please enjoy in Lata’s voice: Aye ishq ye sab duniya waale bekaar ki baatein karte hain….

Ae ishq ye sab duniya wale
Oh love! All these people of the world
Bekaar ki baatein karte hai
Talk nonsense (about love)
Payal ke ghamon ka ilm nahin
They don’t have any knowledge of the pain in the ankle bells
Jhankaar ki batein karte hai
And then they talk about its jingling (sarcasm)
Ae ishq ye sab duniya wale
Oh love! All these people of the world

Har dil me chhupa hai teer koi
In every heart there is a hidden arrow
Har paanv me hai zanjir koi
In every leg there is a shackle
Puchhe koi unase gham ke maze
May someone go and ask them the joys of grief
Jo pyaar ki batein karte hai
All those who talk about love
Ae ishq ye sab duniya wale
Oh love! All these people of the world

Ulfat ke naye deewano ko
The ones who have recently fallen in love
Kis tarah se koi samjhaye
How to make them understand
Nazron pe lagi hai paabandi
Here, there is a restriction on gazing
Deedar ki baatein karte hai
And they are talking about getting a glimpse
Ae ishq ye sab duniya wale
Oh love! All these people of the world

Bhanware hain agar madhosh to kya
If the bees are intoxicated, then what
Parwane bhi hain khamosh to kya
If the moths are silent, then what
Sab pyaar ke nagme gaate hai
All of them sing melodies of love
Sab yaar ki baatein karte hai
All of them talk about their beloved’s
Ae ishq ye sab duniya wale
Oh love! All these people of the world
Bekaar ki baatein karte hai
Talk nonsense
Ae ishq ye sab duniya wale
Oh love! All these people of the world

Ghazal #11

A beautiful ghazal sung very beautifully by Kusum Sharma. Please keep thinking of what I have told you about irony.

Please enjoy: Shayad aagaz hua phir kisi afsaane ka….

Shaayad aaGaaz huaa phir kisii afasaane kaa
Perhaps there is beginning of a new romantic tale
Hukm aadam ko hai jannat se nikal jaane kaa
Edict has been given to Adam to quite the paradise

Un se kuchh kah to rahaa huu.N magar allaah na kare
I am saying something to her but it shouldn’t be Allah
Vo bhii mafahuum na samajhe mere afasaane kaa
She too is not able to understand the meaning of my tale of love

Dekhanaa dekhanaa ye hazarat-e-vaa_iz hii na ho.n
See again that it shouldn’t be the mister preacher himself
Raastaa puuchh rahaa hai ko_ii maiKhaane kaa
He is asking for the way to the tavern

Beta’alluq tere aage se guzar jaataa huu.N
Without your acknowledging I pass in front of you
ye bhii ek husn-e-talab hai tere diivaane kaa
This too is a way of longing for your mad-lover

hashr tak garmii-e-ha.ngaamaa-e-hastii hai “Shakeel”
Until the day of judgment the heat of riotous life is there
sil-silaa Khatm na hogaa mere afasaane kaa
The series of my tales of love shall never conclude

Ghazal #12

Once again, I couldn’t find a video or audio for this ghazal. But, nevertheless, it is a beautiful ghazal.

Please enjoy: Teri mehfil se uthkar ishq ke maaron pe kyaa guzari….

Terii mahafil se uThakar ishq ke maaro.n pe kyaa guzarii
What happened with the love-stricken who left your assembly? 
muKhaalif ik jahaa.N thaa jaane bechaaro.n pe kyaa guzarii
The world was inimical, God knows what happened to the poor souls?

Sahar ko ruKhsat-e-biimaar-e-furqat dekhane vaalo
O you who look at the departure of ill with separation in the mornings
kisii ne ye bhii dekhaa raat bhar taaro.n pe kyaa guzarii
Did you ever think what happened to the stars in the nights?

Sunaa hai zindagii viiraaniyo.n ne luuT lii milakar
I have heard that life was looted by the deserted places
na jaane zindagii ke naaz_baradaaro.n pe kyaa guzarii
God knows what happened to those who tolerate coquetry in life?

Ha.Nsii aa_ii to hai bekaif sii lekin Khudaa jaane
Laughter came but joylessly God knows
mujhe masaruur paakar mere Gam_Khvaaro.n pe kyaa guzarii
After finding me cheerful what happened to my sympathisers?

Asiir-e-Gam to jaa.N dekar rihaa_ii paa gayaa lekin
Prisoners of sorrow escaped after sacrificing their life
kisii ko kyaa Khabar zindaa.N kii divaaro.n pe kyaa guzarii
Who knew what happened to the cells of the living?

Ghazal #13

This one is so perfect that I often marvel at its beauty. Once again, I could neither find a video or an audio.

Please enjoy: Ab taq shikaayetein hain dil-e-bad-naseeb se….

Ab taq shikaayetein hain dil-e-bad-nasiib se
Until now she has complaints about my unfortunate heart
Ik din kisi ko dekh liya tha kariib se
All I did was to see her closely

Aksar ba-zom-e-taraq-e-mohabbat Khudaa gavaah
Often with the pride and determination of renouncing love, God be my witness
Guzraa chala gaya huun dayaar-e-habiib se
I have crossed the place of the beloved

Dast-e-Khizaan badh ke wahin usako chun liya
Autumn’s hand came forward to select the one
Jo phool gir gaya nigaah-e-andaliib se
Flower that had fallen from Nightingale’s glance

Ahl-e-sukoon se khel naa ai mauj-e-imbisaat
O wave of ecstasy do not play with those who are at peace
Ik din ulajh ke dekh kisi gham-nasiib se
One day battle with those who are destined for grief

Naa ahl-e-naaz ko bhi mile fursat-e-niyaaz
People of vanity will not find leisure for amorous words
Main duur hat gaya who jo guzre kareeb se
I distanced myself when they passed close to me

Ye kis Khata pe rooth gayi chashm-e-iltifaat
On whose oversight glance of love became angry
Ye kab kaa intiqaam liya mujh gareeb se
I don’t understand of which thing’s revenge was this

Unake bagaair bhi hai wohi zindagi ka daur
Without her too there is era of life
Halaat-e-zindagi hain magar kuchh ajeeb se
Circumstances of life are there but a little strange

Samajhe huye the husn-e-azal jisako hum Shakeel
The one who I had imagined to be eternal beauty
Apna hi aks-e-rukh nazar aaya kareeb se
From close it turned out to be own reflection of face

Ghazal #14

Ghazal-king Talat Mehmood again with a very beautiful ghazal of Shakeel Badayuni.

Please enjoy: Unase umeed-e-ruunuumaai hai….

Un se ummiid-e-ruunumaa_ii hai
There is hope of guidance/leadership from her
Kyaa nigaaho.n kii maut aa_ii hai
Are my eyes heading for death?

Dil ne Gam se shikast khaa_ii hai
Heart has been defeated by sorrows
Umr-e-raftaa terii duhaa_ii hai
There is appeal to the past life

Dil kii barbaadiyo.n pe naazaa.N huu.N
I am proud of the ruins of heart
Fatah paakar shikast khaa_ii hai
I have tasted defeat after victory

Mere maa_abad nahii.n hai dair-o-haram
My house of worship is not the temple of sanctuary
Ehatiyaatan jabii.n jhukaa_ii hai
I have bowed my forehead to my misgivings

Vo havaa de rahe hai.n daaman kii
She is fanning with the hem of her dress
Haaye kis vaqt niind aa_ii hai
I don’t know when I went to sleep

Khul gayaa un kii aarazuu me.n ye raaz
The secret in her longing became known
Ziist apanii nahii.n paraa_ii hai
Life is not mine but belongs to someone

Duur ho Gunche-o-gul merii nazar se
Remain away from my sight flowers and buds
Tuu ne merii ha.Nsii churaa_ii hai
You robbed me of my laughter

Gul fasurdaa chaman udaas ‘Shakeel’
Flower is disappointed, garden is saddened
Yuu.N bhii aksar bahaar aa_ii hai
Sometimes spring comes in this manner

Ghazal #15

Must end Part I of this labour of love for Shakeel Badayuni’s poetry in the form of Ghazals with this Yaad ghazal.

Please enjoy: Rooh ko tadapa rahi hai unaki yaad….

Ruuh ko ta.Dapaa rahii hai un kii yaad
Soul is tormented by her memory
Dard ban kar chhaa rahii hai un kii yaad
Pain is the manifestation of her memory

Ishq se ghabaraa rahii hai un kii yaad
Scared of love is her memory
Rukate rukate aa rahii hai un kii yaad
It is coming haltingly is her memory

Vo ha.Nse vo zer-e-lab kuchh kah uThe
She laughed and whispered something
Khvaab se dikhalaa rahii hai un kii yaad
It is as if her memory is showing me dreams

Mai.n to Khuddaarii kaa qaa_il huu.N magar
I am in favour of self-respect, but
Kyaa karuu.N phir aa rahii hai un kii yaad
What can I do when her memory comes to me?

Ab Khayaal-e-tark-e-rabt zabt hii se hai
Now there is affinity towards tolerance of thought of giving up
Khud ba Khud sharmaa rahii hai un kii yaad
By itself her memory is shy

Please await Part II of Immortal Ghazals of Shakeel Badayuni

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