Part I

The title of this post sounds a bit parochial since it doesn’t include the other two services. Well, there is a reason. Read on.

When I was undergoing the Staff Course in Wellington (Nilgiris), in the Castle Quarters that we stayed in, there were three other houses: one belonging to an IAF officer and the other two to army officers. The IAF officer Thakurdesais and us occupied the ground floor whereas the Army officers, as always, were the upper-crust due to sahayaks that they had at their disposal. So, whilst Lyn and I did everything with our own hands, the army sahibs and ladies had a number of flunkies helping them. When the rations were delivered, for example, we stood in the queues with their sahayaks whilst they looked down on us from their balconies, sipping Nilgiri tea and biting on cocktail idlis.

I got posted to Naval Headquarters after that and after a few months of waiting, we were allotted a flat in SP Marg defence quarters. Our immediate neighbour was an Arty Colonel Surinder Singh.

Once, we were getting ready to go for an official party, when the door-bell rang and there stood Nachhinder, Col Surinder’s wife. Both Surinder and Nachhinder were very genial and excellent neighbours and we had a great thing going as neighbours and friends.

When Lyn opened the door, she had my uniform shirt in her hand since she was in the process of fixing stripes and other paraphernalia.

This gave Nachhinder an opportunity to rag me though I was not present. “Look at yourself, Lyn” she said in mock horror, “Your good for nothing husband has converted you into a flunkie. Call him. I shall teach him not to ill-treat the lady of the house”.

I was in an inside room but could clearly hear the conversation.

“He can’t come out now” replied Lyn with great finality.

“Aha” ejaculated Nichhinder in mock scorn, “The laat-sahib is resting whilst you are doing all the menial work for him….”

“No” said Lyn, “He can’t come out now because he is ironing my saree”.

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P.S. Now, do you understand why navy couples are meant for each other?!

P.P.S. We also didn’t have much though in our hearts we were rich and still are. On one of our early anniversaries, we bought a plaque and hung it in the house. It gave us enormous happiness and satisfaction. It read: “We don’t have much but we have each other”. We tried to make up with Love what we lost because of not having flunkies and riches.

Part II


What is so “special” about a breakfast of Parathas, Sooji Halwa, Aloo Bhaaji, Dahi; you may ask?


Well, only this that my wife and I made it together with our kitty Minnie helping as much as she could by excitedly jumping all around the kitchen.


When a meal is made together
By a husband and his wife
It is full of Love and Sweetness
The meal itself has Life.

What we make is not so important
The process is full of fun
Too many cooks spoil the broth, they say,
But, what if they cook like one?

It is the best way to start the day
Making a meal that’s so rare
It is a treat not just for the mouth
You pair, you care, you share.

Thanks Lyn for making life as beautiful as this breakfast together.


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