There was a time
Not much time ago
When our two worlds met
Like day meets night, or
Sky meets the sea
Or the river seeks the banks.
Our two worlds formed
Not one but another two worlds:
One in which we existed, and
Another in which we lived.
The latter had life, laughter
Song and music and
The beating of our heartbeats as one.
I believe that we liked
Loved and adored
Our second world more.

And now that the physical distances
Are closer than
The miles between our hearts,
Can we just look back and see
How our worlds moved apart?

Shouldn’t we have sensed
The fading smiles
The elongated silences
The songs that went sad
The shadows that lengthened
The sunsets that lasted
Many times more than the sunrises
The wetting of the eyes
The drying of the hearts?

We are the predators
Who killed our world
Where we lived beyond the world.
Egoes and anxieties
Suspicions and rigidities
Competed to win
And we both lost.

Worlds apart
I can barely see you
Can you see me?
Worlds apart
Death didn’t do it to us
Life did.
We could have known
We should have known.

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© 2014, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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