Over there, in that dark corner
Is the old relic of a radio set
It screeches and whines, if you turn it on
No music comes out of it now
At one time, not long ago
I used to hear my favourite Hindi songs on it
And then, it broke.
But, still, I had music
On my cell and lips
And I miss the radio
Only in nostalgia


Here on the wall
Is my favourite clock
Whereat I used to see the time
To see you and be with you
At one time, not long ago
I used to love its tick-tock
Counting minutes for the tryst
And then it broke
But, still, I have time
On my cell and mind
Though I scarcely need to know it now
And I miss the clock
Only in nostalgia


Over there, on the table
Is the old wine-glass
We used to drink from it together
Sipping from the same stemmed glass
As if it was a magic bowl
That held us together
In love, in warmth, in joys
And then it broke
But, still, I have another
To drink and sip from
And I miss the old glass
Only in nostalgia
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(Pic courtesy:
Deep inside my body
Is my old bleeding heart
It is dead and useless now
It doesn’t feel anymore
At one time, not long ago
It was on a high
Singing and flying
But then, it broke
And I don’t have another
To beat, to feel, to live
I miss my heart
I wish it’d come alive again.

© 2013, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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