(On the suggestion that woman should approach man bare and also help to disrobe him)

You can take each piece of clothing,
And on the floor coyly drop.
Does it fill men with loathing,
To permit women on top?

To answer I must go back to stone age,
When women used to be dragged by the hair,
Later it filled them with just rage,
And they screamed: “It’s not fair.”

As hunter and bread winner, the poor man,
Battled and fought and loved the chase;
He got used to it as anyone can,
And now we call his pursuit a craze!

Women, yes, do venture into men’s world,
And do everything he used to do,
But don’t approach him naked as a bird,
Let him at least disrobe you.

Pic courtesy: 'Disrobed' by Neil Young
Pic courtesy: ‘Disrobed’ by Neil Young

I know, left to yourself, in the same vein,
You’d soon want to become from heroine to hero,
I don’t know what you will eventually gain,
By making yesterday’s hunter today’s zero.

Despite all the differences that are there,
It is fun to be woman and man,
So on your own don’t try to be bare,
Just because you know you can.

© 2013, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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