My Page on Facebook called Lyrical has always given you the best of songs from the best of Lyricists; it is because the Lyrics are the origin of the song, the thought and emotion behind it. In all the songs that I have on my cell-phone, whenever I want to hear them during my walks, the first few numbers are always from Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. Can anyone guess why?

It is rather simple: in any album or playlist, the songs sort out alphabetically; and since Raja Mehdi Ali Khan is credited with the word ‘Aap‘ in songs, these are usually the first few songs that I hear. By far the first always is: Aapki nazaron ne samajha pyaar ke kaabil mujhe from the 1962 movie Anpadh starring Dharmendra and Mala Sinha.

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan

Having been born in 1928 in Jehlum in undivided India, when the partition of India took place, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and wife Tahira refused to go to Pakistan despite communal riots. His patriotism came to fore in 1948 itself when he wrote the famous number: Watan ki raah mein watan ke naujwaan shahid hon for the movie Shaheed starring Dilip Kumar.

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan paired with the Music Director Madan Mohan to produce some of Lata Mangeshkar‘s best numbers. She has acknowledged so.

Lets turn to the 1962 movie Anpadh. Here are five songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar with lyrics penned by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and music composed by Madan Mohan. Four out of these are amongst the best songs of Lata:

1. Aapakii nazaro.n ne samajhaa.
2. Hai isii me.n pyaar kii aabaru.
3. Jiyaa le gayo jii moraa saa.nvariyaa.
4.\-bira.ngii raakhii leke aa_ii bahana.
5. Vo dekho jalaa ghar kisii kaa.

Please enjoy: Aapki nazaron ne samajha pyaar ke kaabil mujhe…

aap kii nazaro.n ne samajhaa, pyaar ke kaabil mujhe
dil kii ai dha.Dakan Thahar jaa, mil ga_ii ma.nzil mujhe
aap kii nazaro.n ne samajhaa

jii hame.n ma.nzuur hai, aapakaa ye faisalaa – 2
kah rahii hai har nazar, ba.ndaa-paravar shukariyaa
do jahaa.N kii aaj khushiyaa.N ho ga_ii.n haasil mujhe
aap kii nazaro.n ne samajhaa …

aap kii ma.nzil huu.N mai.n merii ma.nzil aap hai.n – 2
kyuu.N mai.n tuufaan se Daruu.N mere saahil aap hai.n
koii tuufaano.n se kah de, mil gayaa saahil mujhe
aap kii nazaro.n ne samajhaa …

pa.D ga_ii dil par merii, aap kii parchhaa_iyaa.N – 2
har taraf bajane lagii.n saika.Do.n shahanaa_iyaa.N
ha.Nsake apanii zi.ndagii me.n, kar liyaa shaamil mujhe
aap kii nazaro.n ne samajhaa …

Here is one more song from the 1962 movie Anpadh. We have many initiatives for the education of the girl-child; Anpadh was amongst the first ones. Here is the story: Chaudhary Shambhunath (Balraj Sahni) considers the accumulation of wealth to be more important than education. He condones his sister’s (Mala Sinha) inattention at school and consequently she grows up anpadh (illiterate). When she finds herself married to a bibliophile her problems really begin. Unable to read the poetry her husband loves and being a rotten cook too, she becomes despised by her husband and her in-laws. Circumstances conspire to leave her homeless, widowed and pregnant. Narrowly escaping from the attentions of a panderer she falls amongst friends and, with the birth of her daughter, she starts on the long road to redemption. An entertaining plea for education in general and for the education of girls in particular.

Please enjoy: Hai isi mein pyaar ki aabru wo zafa karen main wafa karun…

hai isii me.n pyaar kii aabaruu
vo zafaa kare.n mai.n vafaa karuu.N
jo vafaa bhii kaam na aa sake
to vohii kahe.n ke mai.n kyaa karuu.N
hai isii …

(mujhe Gam bhii unakaa aziiz hai
ke unhii.n kii dii huii chiiz hai ) – (2)
ke unhii.n kii dii huii chiiz hai
yahii Gam hai ab merii zi.ndagii
ise kaise dil se judaa karuu.N
hai isii …

(jo na ban sake mai.n vo baat huu.N
jo na khatm ho mai.n vo raat huu.N ) – (2)
jo na khatm ho mai.n vo raat huu.N
ye likhaa hai mere nasiib me.n
yuu.Nhii shammaa banake jalaa karuu.N
hai isii …

(na kisii ke dil kii huu.N aarazuu
na kisii kii nazar kii huu.N justajuu ) – (2)
na kisii kii nazar kii huu.N justajuu
mai.n vo phuul huu.N jo udaas ho
na bahaar aae to kyaa karuu.N
hai isii …

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan could have been the greatest lyricist of all times; except that he preferred to be Raja (King) of his own world. The fact is that in order to win popularity, he never brought down the quality of his lyrics even though he experimented with many music directors such as the popular ones like Laxmikant Pyarelal. Songs, to me, mean emotions, thoughts, moods, hopes, aches, frustrations and triumphs….and all these are brought out by the lyricist. Others such as Music Directors, Actors and Singers only add to these or subtract from these; but, if there is no lyricist, there is no song!

I have given you two really nice numbers from the 1962 movie Anpadh. Here are the next two beautiful numbers before we take on others.

The first one is: Jiya le gayo ji mera saanvariya….

jiyaa le gayo jii moraa saa.nvariyaa
laagii man me.n lagan huii baavariyaa

pa ni ni ni re re re ma ma ma dha pa ma pa re
ni re re re ma ma ma dha dha dha saa ni dha ni pa

o papiihe, o papiihe
tuune papiihe nahii.n dekhe more sai.nyaa
dekhe to le-legaa unakii bala_iyaa.n
jaa re dIvaane, maar naa taane,
piyaa kii sun jaake baa.nsuriyaa

saamane aae to mai.n aa.Nkho.n me.n chhupaa luu.N
thaamake bai.nyaa unhe.n dilame.n biThaa luu.N
shaam savere, saath ho mere
gorii ke jaise gaagariyaa

aaj kisii ne mujhe apanaa banaayaa
saath rahuu.ngii jaise piyaa kii mai.n chaayaa
ThaNDii havaao.n tum bhii to gaao
priit kii dekho baaje jhaa.Njhariyaa

This one takes you to the depths of depression: that’s a good lyricist for you – one moment he takes you the crest of the waves and next he makes you experience the trough.

Whilst listening to this number, give a thought to how well Lata Mangeshar used to sing in her youth. Madan Mohan’s music enhances her lugubrious mood. It is really a super song: well crafted in every facet.

Please enjoy: Woh dekho jala ghar kisi ka…

vo dekho jalaa ghar kisii kaa ye TuuTe hai.n kisake sitaare
vo qismat ha.Nsii aur aise ha.Nsii ke rone lage Gam ke maare
vo dekho jalaa …

gayaa jaise jho.nkaa havaa kaa hamaarii Kushii kaa zamaanaa
di_e hamako qismat ne aa.Nsuu jab aayaa hame.n muskaraanaa
binaa hamasafar hai suunii Dagar kidhar jaa_e.N ham besahaare
vo dekho jalaa …

hai.n raahe.n kaThin duur ma.nzil ye chhaayaa hai kaisaa a.Ndheraa
ki ab chaa.Nd-suuraj bhii milakar nahii.n kar sakegaa saveraa
ghaTaa chhaa_egii bahaar aa_egii naa aa_e.Nge vo din hamaare
vo dekho jalaa …

idhar ro rahii hai.n aa.Nkhe.n udhar aasamaa.N ro rahaa hai
mujhe kar ke barabaad zaalim pashemaan ab ho rahaa hai
ye barakhaa kabhii to ruk jaa_egii ruke.nge naa aa.Nsuu hamaare
vo dekho jalaa …

Ladies and gentlemen, I am convinced that with the introduction to Raja Mahdi Ali Khan that I have given and with the first four songs from his 1962 movie Anpadh, you are convinced that his poetry and lyrics rank amongst the best of Urdu songs (erroneously called Old Hindi songs).

Let me now go back to his first movie Do Bhai of 1947 starring Ulhas, Rajan and Kamini Kaushal. Geeta Dutt has sung this song on Sachin Dev Burman‘s music.

Geeta Dutt was a most accomplished singer who didn’t get the kind of recognition she should have; her genres included naughty bar numbers, bhajans, serious and melancholic songs and of course some effervescent numbers as well.

This one is on the melancholic side. Full marks to her and full marks to Raja for having conceived it.

Enjoy one of the most famous songs of the early days of Hindi cinema: Mera sundar sapana beet gaya…

Mera sunder sapana beet gaya,
Main prem mein sab kuchh haar gayi,
Bedard zamaana jeet gaya.

meraa sundar sapana biit gayaa
mai.n prem me.n sab kuchh haar gayii
bedad.r zamaanaa jiit gayaa
meraa sundar sapanaa biit gayaa

kyo.n kaalii badariyaa chaayii hai
kyo.n kalii kalii mus_kaayii hai
merii prem kahaanii khatm hu_ii
meraa jiivan kaa sa.ngiit gayaa
meraa sundar sapanaa biit gayaa

o cho.D ke jaane vaale aa
dil to.D ke jaane vaale aa
aa.Nkhe.n asuvan me.n Duub gayii.n
ha.Nsane kaa zamaanaa biit gayaa
meraa sundar sapanaa biit gayaa

har raat merii divaalii thii
mai.n piyaa kii hone vaalii thii
is jiivan ko ab aag lage, aag lage
is jiivan ko ab aag lage
mujhe cho.Dake jiivan miit gayaa
meraa sundar sapanaa biit gayaa

Let me know if it is the same with you but for me Songs are like a chain of memories….one invariably leads to others. And, when it comes to Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, there is no stopping the flood.

We just talked about Do Bhai and Geeta Dutt and the next thing I know is Yaad karoge song from her. It should really be the signature number of Geeta Dutt; she sang it so well.

Enjoy: Yaad karoge, yaad karoge, ik din hamako yaad karoge…

yaad karoge …
yaad karoge, yaad karoge, ik din ham ko yaad karoge
ta.Dapoge, fariyaad karoge, ik din ham ko yaad karoge

aaye.ngii jab saawan kii raate.n
jaag uThe.ngii bhuulii baate.n
dard se dil aabaad karoge,
ik din ham ko yaad karoge

jise basaayaa thaa kabhii man me.n
Dhuu.NDhoge, Dhuu.NDhoge use baaG me.n ban me.n,
Dhuu.NDhoge …
dil kaa sukuu.N barabaad karoge,
ik din ham ko yaad karoge

dil me.n basaa ke chhoD diyaa hai
apanaa hii ghar barabaad kiyaa hai
kaise use aabaad karoge,
ik din ham ko yaad karoge

kho kar ham ko paa na sakoge
ho.nge jahaa.N ham aa na sakoge
aa na sakoge, paa na sakoge,
ta.Dapoge, ta.Dapoge fariyaad karoge

yaad karoge, yaad karoge …

For the 1950 movie Madhosh, starring Meena Kumari and Manhar Desai, he gave his best number ever. Imagine him writing this at the age of 22! Also, since I gave you those two deep numbers of Do Bhai numbers, you have to imagine Raja writing these at the age of 19!

This one has been sung by Talat Mahmood on the music of Madan Mohan and happens to be one of the best of Talat Mahmood too.

Please enjoy: Meri yaad mein tum na aansu bahana
Na ji ko jalaana mujhe bhool jaana…

merii yaad me.n tum na aa.Nsuu bahaanaa
na jii ko jalaanaa, mujhe bhuul jaanaa
samajhanaa ke thaa ek sapanaa suhaanaa
vo guzaraa zamaanaa, mujhe bhuul jaanaa
merii yaad me.n…

judaa merii ma.Nzil, judaa terii raahe.n -2
mile.ngii na ab terii-merii nigaahe.n
mujhe terii duniyaa se hai duur jaanaa
merii yaad me.n…

ye ro-ro ke kahtaa hai TuuTaa huaa dil -2
nahii.n huu.N mai.n terii mohabbat ke kaabil
meraa naam tak apane lab pe na laanaa
na jii ko jalaanaa, mujhe bhuul jaanaa
merii yaad me.n…

I am sure all of you have heard of the Producer, Director and Screen-writer Raj Khosla or Rajveer Singh Khosla, who like the poet and lyricist Sahir, hailed from Ludhiana in Punjab. His films often had focus on women. Initially, he started being an assistant to Guru Dutt but later emerged as an independent Producer and Director of such movies as Ek Musafir Ek Haseena, C.I.D., Woha Kaun Thi and Mera Saya and later Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki.

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan was his preferred lyricist. In the 1962 Raj Khosla movie Ek Musafir Ek Haseena, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan wrote two songs (the others were by SH Behari and Shewan Rizwi). The first song has the word ‘Aap’ which Raja introduced in songs and others followed. Music is by OP Nayyar. This duet is between Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle since none of OP Nayyar’s songs were ever sung by Lata Mangeshkar. He didn’t allow her.

Enjoy: Aap younhi agar hamse milate rahe dekhiye ek din pyaar ho jaayega….

ra: aap yuu.N hii agar hamase milate rahe
dekhi_e ek din pyaar ho jaaegaa
aa: aisii baate.n na kar ai hasii.n jaaduugar
meraa dil terii nazaro.n me.n kho jaaegaa

ra: piichhe-piichhe mere aap aatii.n hai.n kyo.n -2
merii raaho.n me.n aa.Nkhe.n bichhaatii hai.n kyo.n
aap aatii hai.n kyo.n …
aa: kyaa kahuu.N aapase ye bhii ek raaz hai
ek din isakaa izahaar ho jaaegaa

ra: kaisii jaaduugarii kii are jaaduugar -2
tere chahare se haTatii nahii.n ye nazar
hai ye nazar …
aa: aisii nazaro.n se dekhaa agar aapane
sharm se ra.Ng gulanaar ho jaaegaa

ra: mai.n mohabbat kii raaho.n se a.njaan huu.N -2
kyaa karuu.N kyaa kyaa karuu.N pareshaan huu.N
mai.n pareshaan huu.N …
aa: aapakii ye pareshaaniyaa.N dekhakar
meraa dil bhii pareshaan ho jaaegaa

We are talking about the 1962 movie Ek Musafir Ek Haseena directed by Raj Khosla. The film was produced by Sashadhar Mukherjee; who, made his son Joy Mukherjee the hero in the movie, opposite Sadhana. This lovely duet written by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan can be played over and over again. It is between Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle singing for Joy Mukherjee and Sadhana on the music of OP Nayyar.

Please enjoy: Main pyaar ka rahi hoon…

ra: mai.n pyaar kaa raahii huu.N
terii zulf ke saae me.n
kuchh der Thahar jaauu.N
aa: tum ek musaafir ho
kab chho.Dake chal doge
ye sochake ghabaraauu.N
ra: mai.n pyaar kaa raahii huu.N

ra: tere bin jii lage na akele
aa: ho sake to mujhe saath le le
ra: naazanii.n tuu nahii.n jaa sakegii
chho.Dakar zindagii ke jhamele
aa: jab bhii chhaae ghaTaa
yaad karanaa zaraa
saath kii umr kahaanii
ra: mai.n pyaar kaa raahii huu.N

ra: pyaar kii bijaliyaa.N muskuraae.n
aa: dekhiye aap par gir na jaae.n
ra: dil kahe dekhataa hii rahuu.N mai.n
saamane baiThakar ye adaae.n
dil kahe
aa: na mai.n huu.N naazanii.n
na mai.n huu.N mahajabii.n
aap hii kii nazar hai diivaanii
ra: mai.n pyaar kaa raahii huu.N

The 1967 movie ‘Dulhan Ek Raat Ki’ starred Dharmendra, Nutan and Rehman; the same trio that did ‘Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya’ one year earlier. But, for the latter, Sonik Omi composed the music and GL Rawal wrote the lyrics. For Dulahan Ek Raat Ki, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan wrote the lyrics and music was by Madan Mohan.

The movie has one of the best numbers with the trio of Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Madan Mohan and Lata Mangeshkar.

Please enjoy: Sapano mein agar mere tum aao to so jaayun…

sapano.n me.n agar mere
tum aa_o to so jaauu.N -2
sapano.n me.n agar mere
baaho.n ki agar maalaa
pehanaa_o to so jaauu.N -2
sapano.n me.n agar mere

sapano.n me.n kabhii saajan
baiTho mere paas aake
jab siine pe sar rakh duu.n
mai.n pyaar me.n sharamaate
ek giit muhabbat kaa
tum gaa_o to so jaauu.N -2
sapano.n me.n agar mere

biitii huii wo yaade.n
ha.Nsatii huii aatii hai.n
leharo.n kii tarah dil me.n
aatii kabhii jaatii hai.n
yaado.n kii tarah tum bhii
aa jaa_o to so jaauu.N -2
sapano.n me.n agar mere
tum aa_o to so jaauu.N -2
sapano.n me.n agar mere

The second song from the 1967 movie ‘Dulhan Ek Raat Ki’ is one of the best of Mohammad Rafi. Madan Mohan’s music is superb.

Enjoy: Ik haseen shaam ko dil mera kho gaya…

ik hasiin shaam ko dil meraa kho gayaa
pahale apanaa huaa karataa thaa
ab kisiikaa ho gayaa

muddato.n se aarazuu thii
mere dil me koii aaye
suunii suunii zindagii me.n
ek shammaa jhilamilaaye
vo jo aaye to roshan zamaanaa ho gayaa
ik hasiin …

mere dil ke kaaravaa.n ko
le chalaa hai aaj koii
shabanamii sii jisakii aa.Nkhe.n
tho.Dii jaagii tho.Dii soyii
unako dekhaa to mausam suhaanaa ho gayaa
ik hasiin …

The 1964 movie Aap Ki Parchhayiyan starred Dharmendra opposite beautiful eyed Shashikala. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan wrote his best song ever for this movie that was sung with matching passion by the God of Songs: Mohammad Rafi. When it came to gentle songs, there was nobody to beat the music of Madan Mohan.

Please enjoy one of the best of Rafi’s song:
main nigaahen tere chehre se hatayun kaise..

mai.n nigaahe.n tere chehare se haTaa_uu.N kaise
lut ga_e hosh to phir hosh me.n aa_uu.N kaise

chhaa rahii thii terii mahakii hu_ii zulfo.n kii ghaTaa
terii aa.Nkho.n ne pilaa dii to mai.n piitaa hii gayaa
taubaa taubaa taubaa taubaa taubaa taubaa
vo nashaa hai ki bataa_uu.N kaise

merii aa.nkho.n me.n gile-shikave hai.n aur pyaar bhii hai
aarazu_e.n bhii hai.n aur hasarat-e-diidaar bhii
itane tuufaan mai.n aa.Nkho.n me.n chhupaa_uu.N kaise

shoK nazare.n ye sharaarat se na baaz aa_e.ngii
kabhii ruuThe.ngii kabhii mil ke palaT jaa_e.ngii
tujh se nibh jaa_egii mai.n in se nibhaa_uu.N kaise

As I mentioned to you earlier, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan paired with Madan Mohan (just like Rajinder Krishan and Madan Mohan) to make some of the best songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar during her young days when her voice was really heavenly. This one is particularly superb.

Please enjoy: Agar mujhase mohabbat hai mujhe sab apne gam de do..

Please notice the liberal use of Urdu in songs of that era.

agar mujh se muhabbat hai mujhe sab apane Gam de do
in aa.Nkho.n kaa har ik aa.Nsuu mujhe merii qasam de do
agar mujh se …

tumhaare Gam ko apanaa Gam banaa luu.N to qaraar aae
tumhaaraa dard siine me.n chhupaa luu.N to qaraar aae
vo har shay jo tumhe.n dukh de mujhe mere sanam de do
agar mujh se …

shariik-e-zi.ndagii ko kyuu.N shariik-e-Gam nahii.n karate
dukho.n ko baa.NT kar kyuu.N in dukho.n ko kam nahii.n karate
ta.Dap is dil kii tho.Dii sii mujhemere sanam de do
agar mujh se …

We are paying tribute to a great lyricist who paired with many music directors to produce some very melodious and poignant songs in Hindi movies. His combination with Music Director Madan Puri resulted in some …of the most memorable songs.

Here is one. The movie is the 1965 movie Neela Akash (Blue Sky) starring Dharmendra, Mala Sinha, Shashikala, Mehmood and Madan Puri. The music for the song is composed by Madan Mohan. It is one of the best songs enacted by Dharmendra and the lyrics are just wonderful. Mohammad Rafi sang it.

Enjoy: Aakhiri geet mohabbat ka suna loon to chalun,
Main chala jayunga, do ashq baha loon to chalun.

aakhirii giit muhabbat kaa sunaa luu.n to chaluu.n
mai.n chalaa jaauu.ngaa
mai.n chalaa jaauu.ngaa do ashq bahaa luu.n to chaluu.n

aaj mai.n Gair huu.n kuuchh din hu_e mai.n Gair na thaa
merii chaahat merii ulfat se tujhe bair na thaa
mai.n huu.n ab Gair yakii.n dil ko dilaa luu.n to chaluu.n
mai.n chalaa jaauu.ngaa
mai.n chalaa jaauu.ngaa do ashq bahaa luu.n to chaluu.n

aaj wo din hai ke tuune mujhe Thukaraayaa hai
apanaa anjaam in aa.Nkhon ko nazar aayaa hai
dahashat-e-dil mai.n zaraa hosh me.n aa luu.N to chaluu.N
mai.n chalaa jaauu.ngaa
mai.n chalaa jaauu.ngaa do ashq bahaa luu.n to chaluu.n

terii duniyaa se mai.n ek roz chalaa jaau.ngaa
aur gaye waqt ki maani.nd nahii.n aauu.ngaa
phiir na aane kii qasam aaj mai.n khaa luu.n to chaluu.n
mai.n chalaa jaauu.ngaa
mai.n chalaa jaauu.ngaa do ashq bahaa luu.n to chaluu.n

There is one more song of Neela Akash, the 1965 movie starring Dharmendra and Mala Sinha but, somehow, I am not much enamoured with it. It is, “Tere paas aake mera waqt nikal jaata hai”. The reason why I don’t like it is because whatever the situation in the movie, the song tends to use a woman as a ‘time-pass’. However, there is this duet in the movie that starts with the word ‘Aap’ that Raja Mehdi Ali Khan intoduced in Hindi songs.

The duet is between Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle on Madan Mohan’s music.

Please enjoy: Aapko pyaar chhupaane ki buri aadat hai…

aap ko pyaar chhupaane kii burii aadat hai
aap ko pyaar jataane kii burii aadat hai

aap ne siikhaa hai kyaa dil ke lagaane ke sivaa
aap ko aataa hai kyaa naaz dikhaane ke sivaa
aur hame.n naaz uThaane kii burii aadat hai …

kis liye aap ne sharamaa ke jhukaa lii aa.Nkhe.n
is liye aap se ghabaraa ke bachaa lii aa.Nkhe.n
aap ko tiir chalaane kii burii aadat hai …

ho chukii hai der bas ab jaaiyegaa jaaiyegaa
bandaa paravar zaraa tho.Daa saa kariib aa_iyegaa
aap ko paas na aane kii burii aadat hai …

I have given you songs from Raj Khosla’s 1962 movie Ek Musafir Ek Haseena. Two years later he made a most successful suspense thriller Woh Kaun Thi starring Sadhana, Manoj Kumar and Prem Chopra. Once again Madan Mohan composed the music. The movie had five songs, all of them became super hit. Here is the list:

1. Chhod kar tere pyaar kaa daaman.
2. Jo hamane daastaan apani sunaayi aap kyun roye.
3. Lag jaa gale ki phir ye haseen raat ho na ho.
4. Nainaa barasen rimajhim rimajhim.
5. Shokh nazar ki bijaliyaan dil pe mere giraaye jaa.

The song ‘Lag jaa gale se phir’ is amongst the top ten songs of Lata Mangeshkar and has been acknowledged so by herself. It has the perfect combination of enigmatic lyrics, music that tugs at you, and singing that is so captivating.

Please enjoy: Lag jaa gale se phir ye haseen raat ho na ho…

lag jaa gale ki phir ye hasii.n raat ho na ho
shaayad phir is janam me.n mulaaqaat ho na ho
lag jaa gale se …

hamako milii hai.n aaj, ye gha.Diyaa.N nasiib se
jii bhar ke dekh liijiye hamako qariib se
phir aapake nasiib me.n ye baat ho na ho
phir is janam me.n mulaaqaat ho na ho
lag jaa gale ki phir ye hasii.n raat ho na ho

paas aaiye ki ham nahii.n aae.nge baar-baar
baahe.n gale me.n Daal ke ham ro le.n zaar-zaar
aa.Nkho.n se phir ye pyaar ki barasaat ho na ho
shaayad phir is janam me.n mulaaqaat ho na ho

lag jaa gale ki phir ye hassii.n raat ho na ho
shaayad phir is janam me.n mulaaqaat ho na ho
lag jaa gale ki phir ye hassii.n raat ho na ho

Lets take one more song from the 1964 movie Woh Kaun Thi starring Sadhana, Manoj Kumar and Prem Chopra before turning in for the night. This too has the same combination of Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Madan Mohan and Lata Mangeshkar. It is very poignant number and like the number before this, tugs at your heart with great force.

Please enjoy: Jo hamane dastaan apani sunaayi aap kyun roye…

jo hamane daastaa.n apanii sunaaii, aap kyo.n roe
tabaahii to hamaare dil pe aaii, aap kyo.n roe

hamaaraa dard-e-Gam hai ye, ise kyo.n aap sahate hai.n
ye kyo.n aa.Nsuu hamaare, aapakii aa.Nkho.n se bahate hai.n
Gamo.n kii aag hamane khud lagaaii, aap kyo.n roe

bahut roe magar ab aapakii khaatir na roe.nge
na apanaa chain khokar aapakaa ham chain khoe.nge
kayaamat aapake ashko.n ne Dhaaii, aap kyo.n roe

na ye aa.Nsuu ruke to dekhiye, ham bhii ro de.nge
ham apane aa.Nsuo.n me.n chaa.Nd taaro.n ko Dubo de.nge
fanaa ho jaaegii saarii khudaaii, aap kyo.n roe

[embedplusvideo height=”356″ width=”584″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=evqKlkwXHIw&width=584&height=356&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1571″ /]

Here is another soulful number from the same movie; this too a perfect blend of lyrics, music and singing.

Please enjoy: Naina barse rimjhim rimjhim…

nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
piyaa tore aavan kii aas
nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
nainaa barase.n, barase.n, barase.n

(vo din merii nigaaho.n me.n
vo yaade.n merii aaho.n me.n) -2
ye dil ab tak bhaTakataa hai
terii ulfat kii raaho.n me.n
suunii-suunii raahe.n, sahamii-sahamii baahe.n
aa.Nkho.n me.n hai baraso.n kii pyaas
nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
nainaa barase.n, barase.n, barase.n

(nazar tujh bin machalatii hai
mohabbat haat malatii hai) -2
chalaa aa mere paravaane
vafaa kii shamaa jalatii hai
o mere hamaraahii, phiratii huu.N ghabaraaii
jahaa.N bhi hai, aa jaa mere paas
nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
nainaa barase.n, barase.n, barase.n

adhuuraa huu.N mai.n afasaanaa
jo yaad aauu.N chale aanaa
meraa jo haal hai tujh bin
vo aakar dekhate jaanaa
bhiigii-bhiigii palake.n, chham-chham aa.Nsuu chhalake.n
khoii-khoii aa.Nkhe.n hai.n udaas
nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
nainaa barase.n, barase.n, barase.n

(ye laakho.n Gam ye tanahaaii
mohabbat kii ye rusavaaii) -2
kaTii aisii ka_ii raate.n
na tum aae na maut aaii
ye bi.ndiyaa kaa taaraa, jaise ho a.ngaaraa
maha.ndii mere haatho.n kii udaas
nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
piyaa tore aavan kii aas
nainaa barase.n, rimajhim rimajhim
nainaa barase.n, barase.n, barase.n

It wasn’t Lata Mangeshkar all the way in the 1964 movie Woh Kaun Thi; Asha Bhosle too sang a beautiful number and she sang it with matching verve.

Please enjoy: Shokh nazar ki bijliyan dil pe mere giraaye jaa…

shoK nazar kii bijaliyaa.N dil pe mere giraa_e jaa
meraa na kuchh Kyaal kar tuu yuu.N hii muskaraa_e jaa
shoK nazar kii …

jaag uThii hai aarazuu jaise chiraaG jal pa.De
ab to vafaa kii raah pe ham tere saath chal pa.De
chaahe ha.Nsaa_e jaa hame.n chaahe hame.n rulaa_e jaa
shoK nazar kii …

chain kahii.n kisii gha.Dii aa_e ne tere bin mujhe
kaash mai.n is jahaan se chhiin luu.N ek din tujhe
shoK nazar kii …

Raj Khosla made Ek Musafir Ek Haseena and Woh Kaun Thi with Sadhana in 1962 and 1964 respectively. So captivated was he by her (his movies had a decidedly female focus) that he made, in 1966, another movie with her: ‘Mera Saya’, with the male lead being Sunil Dutt.

Raj Khosla continued with Lyricist Raja Mehdi Al Khan and Music Director Madan Mohan for the songs. Mera Saya, therefore, had some really beautiful songs by this pair:

1. “Tu Jahaan Jahaan Chalegaa Mera Saaya Saath Hoga”   Lata Mangeshkar
2. “Jhumka Gira Re, Bareli Ke Bazaar Mein”   Asha Bhosle
3. “Nainon Mein Badra Chhaye”   Lata Mangeshkar
4. “Aap Ke Pehloo Mein Aakar Roh Diye”   Mohammad Rafi
5. “Nainonwali Ne Haye Mera Dil Loota”   Lata Mangeshkar

Lets start with the title song.

Please enjoy: Tu jahan jahan chalega mera saya saath hoga…

tuu jahaa.N jahaa.N chalegaa, meraa saayaa, saath hogaa
meraa saayaa, meraa saayaa

kabhii mujhako yaad karake, jo bahe.nge tere aa.Nsuu
to vahii.n pe rok le.nge, unhe.n aake mere aa.Nsuu
tuu jidhar kaa rukh karegaa, meraa saayaa, saath hogaa …

tuu agar udaas hogaa, to udaas huu.Ngii mai.n bhii
nazar aauu.N yaa naa aauu.N, tere paas huu.Ngii mai.n bhii
tuu kahii.n bhii jaa rahegaa, meraa saayaa, saath hogaa …

mai.n agar bichha.D bhii jaauu.N, kabhii meraa Gam na karanaa
meraa pyaar yaad karake, kabhii aa.Nkh nam na karanaa
tuu jo mu.Dake dekh legaa, meraa saayaa, saath hogaa …

meraa Gam rahaa hai shaamil, tere dukh me.n, tere Gam me.n
mere pyaar ne diyaa hai, teraa saath har janam me.n
tuu koI janam bhii legaa, meraa saayaa saath hogaa …

By now you would have already perceived that half of the Top Ten Songs of Lata Mangeshkar have been penned by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. He had penned his ‘Aap ki nazaron ne smajha’ for the 1962 movie Anpadh at the age of 24. Mera Saya too had a song amongst her top ten.

These are outstanding lyrics. In the movie, it is picturised without any clouds (badara) and lightening (bijli) so as to bring home the point that the mood is not outside but within her!

Please enjoy: Naino mein badara chhaye
Bijli si chamke haay,
Aise mein balam mohe garava lagaaye…

naino.n me.n badaraa chhaae, bijalii sii chamake haae
aise me.n balam mohe, garavaa lagaa le
naino.n me.n…

madiraa me.n Duubii a.Nkhiyaa.N
cha.nchal hai.n dono.n sakhiyaa.N
Dhalatii rahe.ngii tohe
palako.n kii pyaarii pakhiyaa.N
sharamaa ke de.ngii tohe
madiraa ke pyaale
naino.n me.n…

prem diivaanii huu.N me.n
sapano.n kii raanii huu.N mai.n
pichhale janam se terii
prem kahaanii huu.N mai.n
aa is janam me.n bhii tuu
apanaa banaa le
naino.n me.n…

Just like in 1964 Woh Kaun Thi, in the 1966 Mera Saya too, Asha Bhosle too sang a super-hit number. In the latter, it was and it still is very popular.

Please enjoy: Jhumaka gira re Bareilley ke bazaar mein…

jhumakaa giraa re
jhumakaa giraa re barelii ke bazaar me.n
jhumakaa giraa jhumakaa giraa jhumakaa giraa
haay haay haay jhumakaa giraa re …

sai.nyaa.N aaye nain jhukaaye ghar me.n chorii chorii -2
bole jhumakaa mai.n pahanaa duu.N, aajaa baa.Nkii chhorii
mai.n bolii naa naa naa baabaa, naa kar joraa-jorii
laakh manaayaa, sai.nyaa.N ne kalaiyaa naahii.n chho.Dii
haay kalaiyaa naahii.n chho.Dii
##Male voice:## phir kyaa huaa?
phir? phir jhumakaa giraa re ham dono.n kii takaraar me.n
jhumakaa giraa re …

ghar kii chhat pe mai.n kha.Dii, galii me.n dilabar jaanii -2
ha.Nsake bole niiche aa, ab niiche aa diiwaanii
yaa a.NguuThii de apanii yaa chhallaa de nishaanii
ghar kii chhat pe kha.Dii-kha.Dii mai.n huii sharam se paanii
haay huii sharam se paanii
##Male voice:## phir kyaa huaa?
daiyaa! phir jhumakaa giraa re ham dono.n ke is pyaar me.n
jhumakaa giraa re …

bagiyaa me.n balamaa ne merii laT ulajhii sulajhaaii -2
thaamake aa.Nchal bole, gorii tuu mere man bhaaii
aa.Nkh jhukaake kuchh naa bolii
kuchh naa bolii haay, haay, haay
aa.Nkh jhukaake kuchh naa bolii, dhiire se musakaaii
sai.nyaa.N ne jab chhe.Daa mujhako, ho ga_ii haathaapaayii
haay ho ga_ii haathaapaayii
##Male voice:## are, phir kyaa huaa?
phir jhumakaa giraa re, mai.n kyaa boluu.N bekaar me.n
jhumakaa giraa re …

This is a superb Mohammad Rafi number from the same movie Mera Saya with lyrics by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and music by Madan Mohan. Rafi sang for Sunil Dutt.

Please enjoy: Aapke pehlu mein aakar ro diye…

aapake pahaluu me.n aakar ro diye – 2
daastaan-e-Gam sunaakar ro diye
aapake pahaluu me.n aakar ro diye

zindagii ne kar diyaa jab bhii udaas
aa gaye ghabaraa ke ham ma.nzil ke paas
sar jhukaayaa, sar jhukaakar ro diye
aapake pahaluu me.n aakar ro diye

shaam jab aa.Nsuu bahaatii aa ga_ii – 2
har taraf Gam kii udaasii chhaa ga_ii
diip yaado.n ke jalaakar ro diye
aapake pahaluu me.n aakar ro diye

Gam judaaii kaa sahaa jaataa nahii.n
aapake bin ab rahaa jaataa nahii.n
pyaar me.n kyaa-kyaa ga.Nvaakar ro diye
daastaan-e-Gam sunaakar ro diye
aapake pahaluu me.n aakar ro diye

Raja Mehdi Ali Khan was really like the proverbial Lily of a Day in May; not known for penning volumes. However, whatever he wrote was always straight from his heart and, went straight to the hearts of his fans. I am one of them.

© 2013 – 2016, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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  1. Woww. this is an amazing piece on Raja Saab. A very big thanks to u. He was and will remain one of the top lyricists. What lyrics. OMG. There is so little information available about him, his family, etc. How is it he died at such a young age of 38? How could a young lyricist write such beautiful lyrics of love, separation, etc. May his soul rest in peace. The songs he penned will be remembered for ever.

  2. Great is the word i can use for Raja Mehndi Ali Khan, Madan Mohan . You have done a great job with this blog. indeed it touched my heart. Thanks for the lyrics. I have taken them down. I will pass it on to my children to let them know about the golden era of Indian Film Music.Keep up the good work.

    Mahesh Anand Puthran

    1. Thank you Mahesh for the high praise. I try to do my best. I spent 37 years in the Indian Navy and started this blog only after I retired in March 2010.

  3. Great Work here and appreciate your diligence. Am a big fan of the legend Madan Mohan and the trio of RM, MM and LM has created some memorable magic which is enchanting to this day. Every time you hear their mesmerising songs you only yearn for more. Would be interested to know how the legacy of RMAK continues.

    1. Thank you. Shakeel Badayuni and Raja Mehdi Ali Khan are close to my heart. Raja started writing at very young age and I am fascinated by his intensity and depth.

    he enter in film industry in 1946 as dialouges writer.
    he penned more than 380 lyrics from 46 to 66.