Everyone knows how to
Make it, bake it
Dress it, serve it
Relish it, taste it.
All have same ingredients; and yet
Some make a khichadi
A total mess of taste and aroma.
Others like it spicy and hot.
… And some manage that extra flavour
A unique mix.
Some like it on slow simmer
Others like it quick and fast.
Isn’t it amazing
That with the same ingredients
It comes out sweet for some
And salty, bitter, sour for others?
Is it in its parts?
Or is it in preparation?
Or is it in the serving?

My Life was sweet
Lovely, fabulous
Looked good
Tasted even better.
But, little did I know,
Even after being prepared
You could,
By a magic wand
Take Love away
And leave my Life
Dull, insipid, flat……
…………. And cold.
The same dish I admired
Tasted, enjoyed
I hate it now.
Please don’t ruin my favourite dish
By taking Love away.

Courtesy: bestclipartblog.com
Courtesy: bestclipartblog.com

© 2013, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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