Dear Friends,

Christmas is always a welcome day,
The coming amidst us of our Lord,
At Midnight Mass we gather to pray:
“Thank you, for being with us, O’ God”


“Thank you for giving us great friends,
Our loving family, near and dear ones,
Thank you for giving us enough to meet ends,
And yet have some for cakes and buns.”


It is also time to pen a few words,
About our life, family and home,
We hope you’d find them better than forwards,
And you’d be tempted to share your own.


We are still at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai,
Our abode after my retirement,
It is not Paris, London or Shanghai,
But it brings us great contentment.


After all, it is a little nest of our own,
So what if it is really very small?
It never makes us feel alone,
We are, as they say, ‘having a ball.’


My mother lives with us here,
She is now in better health,
Her second childhood makes her doubly dear,
Her blessings are our greatest wealth.


Lyn keeps us all comfy and well fed,
Whilst she battles through her ailment,
She looks as lovely as the day we wed,
Smilingly keeping many an engagement.


Arjun is with OML, doing his stuff on NH7,
He has merged indiecision with his new portal;
With his girl Samira he is in seventh heaven,
Though he is, like us, a mere mortal.


Arun is happily with Rhythem and Hues,
Doing his bit on producing animation,
His band Riot Peddlers was recently in the news,
Their performance in I-Rock won them admiration.

Riot Peddlers

Arun too has Kirti as his chosen one,
They are happy to be together,
They too joined us for Christmas fun,
No what, why, where and whether.


That leaves me, I am still with Reliance,
Working six days in a week,
Old age has somewhat subdued my defiance,
And made my rebellion a little weak.


However, I run a blog called sunbyanyname,
My little window to my own world,
I am not after money, applause or fame,
I simply don’t belong to the herd.


So that is about all of us,
We hope to hear from you, dear,
We wish you a very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year.


© 2012, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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