I visited my friend yesterday. He was sitting morose, with his head in his hands; as if all hell had broken loose. What are friends if not help and cheer up a soul in need. So, I asked him what was the matter. He said his 19 years old son had decided to join ‘A Dangerous Profession’.

I remember about forty years back when I wanted to join the Indian Navy what was the reaction of my father about my joining “fauji” (military man). So, I asked him knowingly:

[lineate]Me: Army?[/lineate][lineate]He: No.[/lineate][lineate]Me: Navy?[/lineate][lineate]He: No[/lineate][lineate]Me: Ah, I got it now; he wants to be a sky diver?[/lineate][lineate]He: No, it is more dangerous than that.[/lineate]

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[lineate]Me (resuming fresh): I got it; he wants to be a professional bungee jumper?[/lineate][lineate]He: No, nothing as simple; it is more dangerous.[/lineate][lineate]Me: Perhaps he wants to be a worker at Sivakasi Fire-works factory?[/lineate][lineate]He: Even that is safer in comparison.[/lineate][lineate]Me: Maybe he wants to be a nuclear scientist working for Al Qaeda.[/lineate][lineate]He: No, no, no…[/lineate][lineate]Me: Perhaps a driver in Mumbai?[/lineate][lineate]He: That’s dangerous but we still survive on an everyday basis.[/lineate][lineate]Me (I knew this time I was close): He wants to go to Pakistan to teach democracy?[/lineate][lineate]He: No; it is frightfully more dangerous…[/lineate] [lineate]Faujis don’t give up so easily. So I tried again:[/lineate][lineate]Me: River rafting?[/lineate][lineate]He: No.[/lineate][lineate]Me: Deep-sea diving?[/lineate][lineate]He: No.[/lineate] [lineate]I tried for next fifteen minutes, and still the reply was no.[/lineate][lineate]Me (resignedly, finally): What then?[/lineate][lineate]He (with an expression that said, “You will never understand”): He wants to be a cartoonist.[/lineate][lineate]Me: That’s bad; but, at least he confided in you about that. I know nothing can be worse. (remembering friends are there to cheer up friends in difficulty) But, things are a-changing. Who knows, a few years from now, even this profession may just become safe?

[/lineate][lineate]All of us live on hope.[/lineate]

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  1. Ha Ha. This was a hilarious read that kept me wondering throughout. Sad that we have come to this state where our creativity is being fettered. So much for DEMOCRACY.

    Joy always,

  2. Thank you, Susan. Churchill once said, “I do not agree with you but I shall defend to the hilt your right to disagree with me.” That’s what democracy is all about. Like you said, we sometimes behave worse than autocracies.

  3. Indians will truly become free only when we learn to laugh at ourselves.

    1. In many cases, Mohan Ram Sir, we have to re-learn this. I remember when Abu Abraham made a cartoon of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Nehru honoured him by inviting him over to his residence.