She was black
And fast and feline
“Stop” I screamed,
“Don’t cross and spoil my day”.
She heard me
Looked at me innocently
And stopped as if rooted.
“Now what?” her shining eyes seemed to ask.
“Don’t you remember”, I asked her,
“The first time you cast your spell,
It augured ill for me
I nearly failed in my exam.”
She cooed sweetly,
They always do.
‘Practised innocence’ I thought.
“And the second time”
I continued, and in response she only sweetly purred,
“I nearly got me killed.”
Her eyes shone
She looked lovely.
Just then a huge dog came
And looked at her menacingly.
She gave me a look
And made a dash
Without sharing any more of her
Looks and thoughts with me.
The dog went after her
In determined chase.
But, what she shared
Was enough for me.
Each one of us have
Survival instinct against all threats
If you ain’t clever, cunning, deceiving
Against the larger dog in your life
You are finished.
A snake is born out of an egg
And left to fend for itself
Without the parents nurturing it even once.
Poison is all that it has to survive.
It is limbless
No hands to ward off danger
No legs to kick and run.
Human beings are born differently,
But, are we really so different?
It is a cat and mouse game:
The survival of the fittest.
P.S. Three days back, a man in Nepal bit a snake to death; angry at having been bitten by the snake.

© 2012 – 2013, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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