I stand still on a rock, my rock
And watch the roaring sea
Reaching out to me
To reclaim and drench my soul.
The sea is just the opposite of me:
Calm in its depths and clamorous outside.
I stare at the clouds
Both within and in the sky
As they change shapes and moods:
Now a king, then a horse
And finally a hatted witch
Alluring small kids
With her trickster candy floss.
I look at the light-house
Standing witness to and guiding
Ships and boats till miles
Through its white beams
Fading into barely discernible plumes.
I see the fishing boats
Returning from a crimson sunset
White gulls meandering around
Like bees on honey-pots.
I see the crabs camouflaged
And tentacled to the slippery rocks.
And then…
Through the salty atomized vapour
I see her; yes, her.
The hem of her long yellow dress
Playing wantonly with the wetness of the sea.
I see me, boyish and breathless
Walking beside her
To the small boat half buried in the sand.
We upright the boat
Drag it into the water
And whilst it still tosses, like my heart
I lift her up and put her on the seat
And yank me up to the seat opposite her
And row the boat
Into the fading evening twilight.
Resting my oars
I look into her eyes
Ah, those kohl eyes
Of the fiery gypsy

Pic courtesy:

Who stole my heart and left me
To be with her affable Escamillo.
Like an oar less dingy
I pitch and am adrift at sea
Of my precocious desires;
Wanting to live
And longing to die.
Kill me………Carmen.

© 2012 – 2016, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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  1. Such sublime writing! You weaved magic through your words and painted a picture so serene!

    “I stare at the clouds Both within and in the sky” – Beautiful words! Was a pleasure reading this one! 🙂

  2. …that it was absolutely beautiful is proven by the fact that it left me wanting for more in spite of its fair length…wow, Ravi, awesome!:)