Like a gentle rain
On a placid pond in wilderness
The memory of our tryst forms
Never dying ripples
Each one capturing
Those brief moments of togetherness.

Did you at that time know
That the twinkle in your eyes
The softness of your lips
Your looks, your scent, your laughter
Would remain with me forever?


And I would search for these
In the pearl drops on lotus leaves,
In yellow flowers of joy
By the gurgling brooks;
In the haunting song of cuckoo
Pervading the silent secrets of woods.

Did you know that I would
Eternalize each whisper,
Each colour, each touch, each look
Each song, and each ditty
And treasure them
As a Life Time’s Achievement Award
For my undying love for you?

© 2010 – 2015, Sunbyanyname. All rights reserved.

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  1. As far as Indian English poetry is concerned, one of the best small poem I have gone through. very beautiful words in so far travelling along the central thought . Have scope for enlargement for more soothing effect but only if could keep abreast the central thought